Grab your DFS Cauldron from the DFS Main Store!



Boiling double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Time to make some DFS Pixie Brains or make some DFS Fairy Dust!

Grab your DFS Cauldron from the DFS Main Store! For those awesome Halloween pictures, add a cauldron stick (optional item). The cauldron stick is just for decorations.  You may use the Cauldron as any other kitchen item.  The DFS Cauldron will be used to make many of the items harvested from the Halloween fields.

Please be sure to check exciting new recipes.

Halloween animals!


Now, your whole Farm can get into the Halloween Fun! Nothing says Halloween like ghost chickens, mummy pigs, and zombie cow!

All of Halloween animals are available in the animal vendors and function as the regular animals. Please note your Halloween animals will breed other Halloween animals as well. Sells in DFS vendors limited to October 2017.




Have Fun!

Dish of the Month: Mellys Shepherds Pie


It is a good time to start a nice fire in the hearth, and sit down to a warm filling meal, in the Dish of the Month:  Mellys Shepherds Pie, which is filled with fresh vegetable and farm grown quality beef and topped with a layer of mouthwatering cheese!

[1] DFS Mellys Shepherds Pie (Limited Time)

DFS Oven Slot – Item

1 – DFS Ground Beef

2 – DFS Egg

3 – DFS Mashed Potatoes

7 – DFS Raw Onion

8 – DFS Carrot

9 – DFS Cheese

Time : 00:02:10:

1 Use – 41 EP/use – 1 XP

Ends: 2017-10-31

Please be sure to check for exciting new recipes.

DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween goodies!

The night is dark and the goblins are out, and the witches and black cats are prowling about!

DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween Goodies are out!

Come see what we have cooked up!

Let’s start off with Oktoberfest. We have a few awesome new dishes ready for you to try and enjoy with your flavored beers, such as:

  • DFS Melly’s Shepherds Pie (October specialty item)
  • DFS Pretzel with Dip Tray
  • DFS Jar of Pickled Eggs Tray
  • DFS Pork Schnitzel Tray
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Tray
  • DFS Vinegar
  • DFS Sauerkraut Tray
  • DFS Pot of Cheese Soup Tray
  • DFS Bowl of Pickled Eggs
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Plate
  • DFS Pot of Chicken Stock Tray


Wait a minute! Don’t use up all that wax on Cheese Soup, yet! Halloween is right around the corner and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles that are specialty items only here for the month of October.

Halloween is right around the corner, and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles. These are only available for the month of October.

Don’t forget our fun expressive DFS Halloween pumpkins that you will love dressing up. Of course, nothing says Halloween like a secret garden. So let’s get out the shovels and start digging in the graves. You never know what hidden secrets are there. But remember, all the Halloween treats are only available in October.


  • DFS HW Happy Feet Candles in Yellow, White, Teal, Purple, Green and Blue
  • DFS HW Bat Candle in “Surprised”, “Sad” ,“Crazy”, “Cat Eyes” and “Angry
  • DFS HW Black Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Orange Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Pumpkins in Moon, Mr Mean, Sweet, Spooky, Tooth
  • DFS Jack-O-Lantern seeds
  • DFS HW Field 2017

And other fun Halloween items such as: straw, sip root, nightshade, hemlock, fairy wings, eyeballs, box of old clothes, poison ivy, slug brain, wormwood, snail slime, toadstools, human bones, web silk, and willow bark.

Enjoy them all!

Please be sure to check for exciting new recipes.

Hungry, but not sure what to make for dinner! Tired of the same old Steak Dinners? Well, lets pluck some feathers!  

Hungry, but not sure what to make for dinner! Tired of the same old Steak Dinners? Well, lets pluck some feathers!

Try the delicious new DFS chicken dishes just released:

  • Hearty cheesy DFS Chicken Enchiladas packed with four uses, and 20 EPs in each serving.
  • Golden baked chicken cooked to perfection in our DFS Chicken Dinner, which is one serving, and 40 EPs,
  • Lovely roasted potatoes that would dress up any formal meal is our new DFS Roast Potatoes, which is one serving of 10 EPs,
  • Of course you can dress-up any boring own dinner with a side of single serving DFS Roast Chicken, which gives you 10 EPs of energy,
  • Or maybe you are in the moody for some nice warm and comforting, DFS Chicken Soup, just like Grandma use to make.

Don’t pick! Try all of these mouthwatering  new options, and give the pigs and cows a break!

Please be sure to check for more exciting new recipes.




(Special thanks to Ice Cream Depot located at Kittyn’s Korner DFS and Moore Market for loaning us their shop).



Time for Oktoberfest!  The World’s Largest Beer Festival!

Let’s party and enjoy tasty beers!

DFS is ready for the party with six new fun and tasty beers!  Try them all!

Monday’s Release – Bring out the Kegs!

  • DFS Brewery Orange Pale Ale Keg
  • DFS Brewery Chocolate Ale Keg
  • DFS Brewery Apple Ale Keg
  • DFS Brewery Pumpkin Stout Keg
  • DFS Brewery Banana Bread Beer Keg
  • DFS Brewery Strawberry Ale Keg

All DFS beers are made in the DFS Fermenter. Please remember to check recipes on

(Special thanks LITTLE RED’S Pub & Eatery, Cookie Obsession Troop 812 for loaning us their pub.)

Let’s show our DFS Patreon pride!


For all of our awesome DFS Patreon Supports, we have created new signs and badge you can display on outfits, store windows, or hang them anywhere you like! They are available in two styles: Vintage for our older period supporters, and modern for our more current supports.  However, use the ones that strikes your fancy!

This is just one more way we want to say thank you for supporting our future, and all the new DFS protects.  All customers have access to the DFS logs.  However, our DFS Patreon are supporting ideas and products that are not even announced or currently exist! They are putting their faith and money in the hands of DFS on just a promise.  That is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

We have awesome patrons, customers and CSRs! If you would like to become a DFS Patreon, you can do so for as little as $1 month.  While in many cases, a $1 doesn’t seem like a lot, however it goes towards helping to fund our many projects and new ideas.  It is just as appreciated!  If you would like to become a DFS Patreon Support, please visit

Monday’s Release: Cock-a-doodle-doo!



Time to get up and collect those egg! However, bright and early Monday, September 15, 2017, you can also collect chicken meat as well! That is right, DFS Community, chicken meat is here!

The Monday release will be the DFS Rooster and the DFS Hen, with a lifespan of 20 days. The DFS Rooster and DFS Hen provides 2 meats between 1 – 14 days. At 15 days, both birds will provide full meat (5). Every 6 days, the DFS Hen will provide an egg, when clicked will be a new chicken.

In the same manner, you care for the other animals, you will care for the birds: wearing the DFS HUD, you will attached the DFS brush, click to select, sit and brush both the DFS Rooster and DFS Hens. However, unlike the other birds, brushing will allow you to reach 100% happiness, without protein. The DFS Rooster and DFS Hen will eat the same food as their DFS Chicken Coop cousins. Unlike their DFS Coop cousins, they will need a water trough to drink water. Please note, the DFS Rooster and DFS Hen will not provide cooking eggs.

Now, please share those yummy chicken recipes! Fried Chicken! Chicken Casseroles! Chicken Cacciatore! Chicken Tacos! What are some of your favorites!

Please submit your suggestions:

September means, “Time to go back to school”!

Back to School fun!

DFS Lunch boxes

DFS Snack Pack Strawberry Milk

DFS Snack Pack Ranch Dipper

DFS Snack Pack BLT Sandwich

September means, “Time to go back to school”!

We need notebooks and pencils! Plenty of awesome show and tell items! Science and Math books! Here come the school assignments!

Let’s not forget lunch time fun!

We have yummy new DFS snacks! Of course, we can do better than an old brown bag! We are going bring our lunch in styles using the new DFS Lunch boxes! Remember, DFS Lunch boxes are fun for any age! The DFS Lunch boxes are great ways to pack your work lunch as well! Collect your favorites! Collect them all!

Monday’s release!

DFS Snack Pack Caramel Apple Cupcake
DFS Snack Pack BLT Sandwich
DFS Snack Pack Strawberry Milk
DFS Snack Pack Berry Blast Juice
DFS Snack Pack Tropical Twist Juice
DFS Snack Pack Super Fruit Punch Juice
DFS Snack Pack Banana Milk
DFS Snack Pack Ranch Dipper
DFS Snack Pack Chocolate Milk
DFS Snack Pack Scout Cookies
And DFS Dressings Ranch!

(Special thanks to Cookie Obsession Troop 143, Fall’s Haven for loaning us their school house.)

Need a little help filling those towers and troughs, OK,  here it is!


For a Limited Time (09.05.17 to 09.12.17), you can purchase test windpumps for 50L$. Please note the windpumps are the test model and not the final version.


Note: Please place windpump close to the tower or trough.

The windpumps are available at the entrance of the main store.