News and Updates

Summer is fun!

When August days are hot an’ dry, when burning copper is the sky,

I ‘d rather fish than feast or fly, in airy realms serene and high.

August is time to fish, beach, and .   .   .   .   .   buy the DFS Farm Stash Box #16. Get yours today and let the times begin!


New DFS Gacha!

New DFS Lunch Boxes: “Feed Your Beast!” Which Beast are You?

Give them a try!

Introducing the NEW DFS Grab Bag!

DFS Grab Bag is a new box to help meet those farming needs and supply you with unique items at a lower cost so everyone can join in! A semi-mysterious bag- the little sign will clue you in to what may await…but we can’t give out all our secrets early!

DFS Grab Bag will be available to purchase the 1-15th. Then on the 16th you will receive you bag with all it’s wonderful goodies! There’s no group to join, so you don’t need extra group space.…we thought that might help out too.

Each DFS Grab Bag will be priced between $1000L and $1500L depending on what is in it.

Either way, no matter who you are, this box is for you!
PLEASE NOTE! Items will only be sent on the 16th as soon as ice12192 Dover is online to process purchases!

Grab yours today!

The Little Chef is busy at work!

~ All That ~ EVENT, which opens June 1st featuring the new DFS Little Chef Items:
DFS Oven – Little Chef
DFS Stove : Little Chef
DFS Prep Table : Little Chef 
DFS Butcher Table : Little Chef

Mother’s Day DFS Farm Stash Box #13

“There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps.” —Archibald Thompson

As we prepare for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to get your Mother’s Day DFS Farm Stash Box #13 filled with unique DFS goodies to help you celebrate Mother’s Day and love!



Get dressed up in your Easter clothes and come down to the community sim to get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny on Saturday, April 20th @ noon SLT! Get a free chocolate bunny and photo taken with him before he hops off into the woods!

DFS Farm Stash Box # 12: Spring Stash Box Surprise!

Easter eggs, Yellow and blue, Easter eggs, For you and me.

Easter eggs, Candy sweet, Easter eggs, Are yum to eat.

Easter eggs, Pretty and funny, but… where is the Easter Bunny?

Hiding and Guess where? Get your DFS Farm Stash Box #12 and find out! DFS Farm Stash Box #12 is filled with unique DFS goodies to help you celebrate the coming of Spring!



“May your clovers have leaves of four and may your Luck be evermore.”

Of course, you don’t need four-leaf cloves to get lucky with the DFS Farm Stash Box #11! DFS Farm Stash Box #11 fill with unique DFS goodies to help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a flare!

Get yours today!


*** Dish of the Month: February ***

Introducing February’ Dish: DFS Coffee: Dee’s Triple Death Salted Caramel Ice’d Latte. Yummy! Make mine a double!

Other new items:

DFS PD Saucy Skillet Poached Eggs

DFS PD Old Fashion Custard Pie

DFS PD Marscopone Berry Cheesecake

DFS PD Fried Fish Dinner Plate

DFS PD Pan Fried Bass

DFS PD Country Style Green Beans

DFS PD Sweet Cornbread

DFS Coffee – Caramel Cream Bag

DFS PD Cake – Enigma’s Pink Velvet Cake

Please check all recipes on the DFS Recipes on  .

Our DFS Farm Stashers love their new stash box items!

Look as they show you some of their favorites!

Play DFS Farm Stash Box! For just 2,500L$, you will receive a surprise box of DFS goodies, worth+3,000L$, which will also include one DFS Farm Stash Box “Exclusive” item.  Remember, to join the group each month to get your Stash Box!  The group is open to joining the 1st day of the month until the last. You will receive your Stash on the 1st Day of the next month.  Package sent when you are online. Once online wait @20 minutes in the same location, and be sure to accept. DFS will not replace rejected stash boxes.


Are you planning a romantic night for your loved one?

Feed them DFS Vday Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Make it a whole romantic experience with DFS Vday treats. 


DFS Vday Chocolate Covered Strawberries

DFS Vday Chocolate Love Cupcakes

DFS Vday Chocolate Berry Cupcakes

DFS Vday Strawberry and Red-velvet Macaroons

DFS Fabric Bolt – All My Heart DFS Fabric Bolt – All My Heart

DFS Vday Treat Bags

DFS Vday Sweetheart Treat Tower, which will provide 6 DFS Vday Sweetheart Treat Tower Plates

DFS Saint Patricks Day Cake

New Item:

DFS Mushroom Farm – Small

DFS Mushroom Farm – Stump

Have a few friends eager to get started with DFS?!

Introduce them to the all-NEW DFS Starter pack! In one fun box, with a little farm décor on each box, everything you need to start your DFS journey is packed inside.  The DFS Starter Pack is a great way to introduce a friend to DFS. Right in the First Room of the DFS Mainstore.

Please note, only one DFS Starter Pack per customer.

*** Mandatory DFS Beehive exchanges ***      

Effective Immediately, we are exchanging all the DFS Beehive older than V1.2.  Therefore, to provide you with a speedy exchange process, please BOX your DFS Beehives, and LABEL it “DFS BEEHIVE EXCHANGE (#).  By January 25, 2019, please submit boxes for exchange to Fairy Forrest (blackfairy3ds) or Aria Love (aria.songlark).


DFS Beehives

The DFS Beehive is used to produce DFS Honey Jars and DFS Wax.  As of January 1, all new beehives will require care.  Therefore, the Beehives will give you the following options: CARE, SETTINGS, and eventually HARVEST.

To use:

Rezz out your beehives, click and select CARE, which will give you a “sit” icon at your mouse.  Sit and click CARE on DFS HUD or MrClicky to add care (10/10). While the beehive needs ten (10) clicks of care, each lasts 12 hours.  It takes five(5) days to Harvest the Beehive, and the harvest will provide a DFS Honey Comb.  The DFS Honey Comb has four (4) uses and is used to make a DFS Honey Jar and DFS Wax.

Please be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Webpage:

****  New Monthly Contest Winner’s Dish: January 15th ****

DFS Donnies Bacon Cheese Burger & Fries

Take a bite into our new juicy double bacon cheeseburger! The DFS Donnies Bacon Cheese Burger & Fries is a hearty meal for any hard working DFS Farmer featuring a stack of mouthwatering steak fries great for dipping.

This Limited Time Dish will be around until February 15th! Make it today!

Check recipes:

Romance is in the Air, and the DFS Cupid is out making his rounds!

DFS Cupid flashed into the February Stash Box, leaving a trail of Valentine’s Day goodies! You will find the February DFS Farm Stash Box #10 has a splash of romance and fun, plus tons of unique items! Sign up for yours today!

Also, for the February DFS Farm Stash Box #10, one in every 20 Stashers will win an extra stash box!


Happy Monday! January 14th New Releases are Here!

Here is a list of the new items and recipes for this Monday!


DFS PD Taco Soup

DFS PD Cake – Drunken Cherry Chocolate

DFS DS Pure Rum

DFS Syrup – Molasses

DFS Syrup – Pure Maple

DFS PD Taco Soup & Grilled Cheese


Introducing our Special Valentine DFS VDAY – Mailbox (30) and our Returning DFS Valentine Tree both available until February 28th.   Buy yours today! Available  at the DFS Main Store:

Always Check Recipes!

*** Notice of Current Testing ***

DFS Family,

We are currently working on a few fun things to implement leveling. Currently if you have Level 1 in DFS (Can exchange your XP to Levels in store). For the fishing, anyone below level 1, you can catch normal fish and Bass at tournaments. You will need to at least be at least Level 1 to catch extras such as salt mill, paper, nails, and shrimp.

To exchange your XP for Levels. Click the Convert XP to DFS Level and select the XP type you want to exchange to reach Level 1 and higher.

The higher the level the more it also increases your chances of receiving double items from harvests.

Happy Monday! The January 7th releases are here!

New Recipes:

DFS Holiday Egg Nog Tray

DFS Valentines Candy Box 2019


DFS Honey Jar

New Items:

DFS Lemon Tree – Mini

DFS Lemon Tree – Vines

DFS Apple Tree – Espalier

DFS Apple Tree – Bushy

Remember, check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Webpage:

Christmas has come to DFS!

Join us at SL Christmas Expo 2018, Nov 30 – Dec 9, 2018 at 8AM SLT. A worthy event funded by the American Cancer Society.

The event will feature DFS Mr. Clicky – Christmas Elf Larry! You will have the pleasure of keeping Larry forever. That is right folks! Larry will not poof! Say hi to Mr. and Mrs. Santa Cow and Bull! Be sure to find the Christmas stocking where cute and adorable Wooly the Sheep is hiding!

Come and join the fun!


Don’t Miss the DFS CYBER MONDAY SALE! Tons of users’ favorites on sale for 25% off! Favorite items such as still, beehive, lily, tool kits, and more!

Monday, November 26, in front of the DFS Mainstore Only! The sale is only for 24 hours on Monday!


Don’t Miss the DFS BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Tons of users’ favorites on sale for 25% off! Favorite items such as Turkeys, Boosters, Windpump Took kits, and of course the all time Favorite: MrClicky!

Starting at 12 AM SL, Friday, November 23, in front of the DFS Mainstore Only! The sale is only for 24 hours on Friday!

Deck the Halls with Holiday Cheer!

Sign up NOW, for the DFS Farm Stash Box #8, to get a head start on creating the DFS Winter Wonderland! Packed with many fun and creative items, the DFS Farm Stash Box is designed to bring in the holiday season.

Also, for the December Farm Stash Box #8, one in every 20 Stashers will win an extra stash box!


Gooble Gooble! Until November 30th, Turkeys are back in the DFS Main Store!

Visit the DFS Main Store! Time to plan that awesome family dinner or any special occasion will do!

DFS Turkeys have a lifespan of 10 days and provide raw whole turkey.  The DFS Turkeys are fully grown on Day 6 and will provide 1 meat with 5 uses before day 6 baby turkeys provide 1 meat with 1 use. Female turkeys can get pregnant once after day 6.

New DFS Flowers Are Here!

Lovely and Colorful New Carnations are now available to purchase in the DFS Main Store. Be sure to go and discover your favorite one . . . or more!

DFS Flowers – Carnation (Light Pink)
DFS Flowers – Carnation (Light Purple)
DFS Flowers – Carnation (White)
DFS Flowers – Carnation (Orange Pink)
DFS Flowers – Carnation (Yellow)


The party starts at noon on October 31! Halloween Day!

Wear your fun or spooking it is totally up to you!

The Fun and Exciting DJ Ravn will be in the house giving us Awesome Tunes to rock our graves!

Fun Spooky Farmers and Light Refreshments!

See you there!

*** Important Update Notice ***

NEW DFS Freezer – Wooden

Please send your current DFS Freezers in a folder, not boxed, to a CSR or Blackfairy3ds with a notecard entitled “Exchanging (put the # of freezers) for New Freezer (username),” for example Exchanging 6 for New Freezer (Hope).  We have fixed a bug and updated the look of the DFS Freezer. Please note, this exchange is only for the DFS Freezer.  We will return your freezers as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance.

Guess who will be 2 years old on Oct 3rd?!


We have had an amazing two years, DFS Family! You are a huge part of what makes this an Awesome Digital Farming System! Now it is time to celebrate! Please join us for the DFS Birthday Bash 2018! 

October 3, 2018 12Noon – 3pm SLT

Get YOUR SPOOK on with fun HALLOWEEN THEME outfits! Live music provided by the Lively DJ Ravn! Free Light Refreshments!  (And a few surprises, we are not telling you about :p )

Thank you all for an amazing First Annual DFS ROAD TRADE SHOW!

The whole DFS community made it a great two weeks, and all the Exhibitors did an outstanding job. We hope everyone got a chance to see all the wonderful displays.

Join us in congratulating our Best 2018 DFS User Innovation Award Winners:

3rd place Patrick Narcissus (patrickdevonanderson)

2nd Place John PhoeniX (jonnyhansom.roffo)

And 1st place Nathanael Sommerfeld

Be sure to join us in 2019 for our next DFS ROAD TRADE SHOW! Start working on your next DFS creation!

Come Rock with DFS at the Rock Your Rack 2018 Event! DFS Early Access on September 28!

As one of the top sponsors, our DFS Support Group will have early access.  Wear your tag and pop over to start shopping first! The Event opens to everyone on September 29 – October 13, 2018. The Event will feature a few DFS exclusive, one of a kind, never to be seen again, items! Be sure to get yours! Check out both of the awesome DFS locations!

Landmark to be provided soon

On one mystic magic night …..

On one mystic magic night, Jack O Lanterns glowing bright, kids with bags of candy sweet, roam door to door and street to street, all dressed up for trick or treat! The DFS Farm Stash Box #6 is all dressed up to give you a real special Treat!  Be sure to get yours!

Also, for the October Farm Stash Box #6, one in every 20 Stashers will win an extra stash box!


POEM Source:

The DFS ROAD TRADE Show – September 15 – 21!

Come to see and support your DFS Friends and Family members as they display their DFS User Creations! Take home your favorite items! Be inspired to create your own DFS User Creations! Enjoy a day at the Bay!

New Release!

Brighten up your September days with a few lovely new DFS Recipes and a new look for the water tower to take the fun to the fields as well!

New DFS Recipes:

DFS Fabric Bolt – Yellow Gingham

DFS Fabric Bolt – Bee My Queen

DFS Sunflower Garden Post (Decor)

DFS Curtains – Bee My Queen (Decor)

New DFS Item:

DFS Water Tower – Barrel

Remember, check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Webpage:

(Special thanks to Lakeside Farm’s Sew Shop, Garden Falls, DFS Community Sim )

Happy Monday!

Great new recipes and items to buy and try! Like our yummy new DFS Thai Laab (Pork), made with farm raised pork seasoned to perfection. It is a spicy treat for any occasion! Make some today!
Looking for a way to show off your herbs, Make our lovely new DFS Planter – Kitchen Garden (Decor), which you create right on your DFS carpentry desk! The planter features 21 pictures! Pick your favorite to make your garden an expression of you!
Don’t forget the Sunflowers! Great addition to brighten any setting!
New DFS Items
DFS Vendor – Deli Pork Loin Steak
DFS Flowers – Sunflowers
DFS Herb – Garlic Plant
DFS Herb – Mint Plant
DFS Herb – Basil Plant
DFS Planter – Kitchen Garden (Decor)
New DFS Recipe
DFS Deli Pork Loin Steak (Raw)
DFS Thai Laab (Pork)
Remember, check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Webpage:

Looking for ways to capture the last taste of summer? Try our delicious DFS Eggs Benedict Plate!

Our DFS Eggs Benedict Platter, which features our very own homemade DFS Sauce – Hollandaise, farm fresh eggs, and DFS Roasted Ham, paired with DFS Fruit Salad (4). Our fresh Fruit Salad is a burst of summer in every bite. Together it is a great way to end the summer and welcome in Autumn.

Also, we have the perfect way to display and sell your sliced ham. Our handy new DFS vendor; DFS Vendor – Deli Sliced Ham.

New Item:
DFS Banana Tree – Tropical

New Recipes:
DFS Sauce – Hollandaise
DFS Eggs Benedict Plate
DFS Eggs Benedict Platter
DFS Fruit Salad

Special thanks to Grab N Go Deli, DFS Community: Garden Falls

First Annual DFS ROAD TRADE SHOW! 9/15-21

Come Share and Inspire!

In honor of our creative and inspiring users, the First Annual DFS ROAD TRADE SHOW will run for seven (7) days, featuring a various DFS inspired products designed by DFS Customer and sold at the show.

The Booth Fee for the show is 150L$ for 300 prims. The Booth the Exhibitor will be provided a booth space, special exhibitors tag and rights to have 1 advertisement on the DFS Facebook and website for the event.


New Recipe and a few old favorites back for your cooking pleasure!

Recipe of the Month: DFS Hagits Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken, made with farm-raised tender chicken legs and thighs, sweet organic honey and spicy homemade mustard.  Just in time for a weekend barbeque.

Three former recipes of the month:

DFS Tempura Fish Dish

DFS Drunkin Ubar Paga

DFS Scottish Shortbread Cookies With Tea

Please check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

New Recipes!

Planning a grilling party? We have a few delicious summertime dishes for you to try!

Our DFS Grilled Eggplant is savory, buttery eggplant grilled to perfection.  Of course, the perfect complement to the DFS Grilled Eggplant is our DFS Ground Lamb Kebab with Tzatziki Sauce, tender strips of roasted lamb served with hearty Tzatziki Sauce. Serve these awesome dishes separately or combine the dishes to make the DFS Lamb Kebab with Eggplant Plate.

Try them today!

*** New DFS Plant! ***

We now have a lovely DFS Eggplant Bush, which has a harvest cycle of 6 days, and endless uses.  The DFS Eggplant Basket has four uses.

Bring the competition to your sim!

The DFS Fishing Tournament Server is now available in the DFS Mainstore for $300L. Each DFS Fishing Tournament Server allows you to sponsor 3 days, 5 days or 7 days tournament! Tournament is one time use after you started/set it up.

The DFS Fishing Tournament Server has a range of 100 meters, but must be used with the DFS Fishing Server. Each DFS Fishing Tournament Server – Boxed includes 3 DFS placement trophies, manual, and the DFS Fishing Tournament Server. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE THE DFS FISHING SERVER, WHICH IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Pick up one today, and let the games begin!


“Get in ” on the most talked about DFS Item EVER!

Play DFS Farm Stash Box! For just 2,500L$, you will receive a surprise box of DFS goodies, worth @3,000L$, which will also include one DFS Farm Stash Box “Exclusive” item, each month.

Remember, to join the group each month to get your Stash Box! secondlife:///app/group/67c88945-bb68-9f32-d660-7100f51d8a0d/about

*** New Item ***

NEW DFS ABC 2018 Summer Crown Cup Mint Julep, made with a splash of Irish Whiskey and fresh mint collected from our DFS Herb Garden. Of course, we added a touch of Baby’s Breath to dress up the drink.

Let’s enjoy a nice cool Mint Julep today in our awesome Crown Cup!

Check out the recipe:

Note: Now, the DFS Herb Garden will randomly provide a DFS Herb – Mint Basket.

New DFS Spice Tree (Random)

DFS Spice Tree, which has 20 uses. The growth cycle for the DFS Spice Tree is five (5) days.  When you harvest the DFS Spice Tree, you will receive a random harvest of either DFS Sap Bucket or DFS Sassafras Clippings.

Two other new recipes:

DFS Cucumber salad

DFS Sassafras Powder

DFS Lime Tree

Check out the DFS Recipe Website:

DFS Med – Ragnivard Special Headache Cure!

Digital Farm System (DFS) now has just the thing for nagging headaches. Give it the “old Viking” treatment! DFS Med – Ragnivard Special Headache Cure will knock that nasty headache away!

Make sure you have a few pouches available, so make some today!

Two July favorites are Now Available!

DFS Independence Day Picnic 2018 (Limited Time) and DFS Canada Day Breakfast 2018 (Limited Time)! Both recipes are available until August 1, 2018!

Check the DFS Website for recipes:

Let’s reveal The July Farm Stash Box (FSB#3), which is packed with awesome unique items, and sure to please Stashers!

The Farm Stash Box #3 includes the following items:
(4) DFS Mr Clicky (FSG#3) Uses Left: 250 3
(2) DFS Watering Can (FSB#3) 1
(4) DFS Trowel (FSB#3) (1000% x 250)
(1) DFS Flowers – Daisy Plant White (FSB#3) *forever plant
(1) DFS Tournament Server – Boxed
(2) DFS Boosters – Oven 1

Be sure to join soon to get the August DFS FARM Stash Box!
DFS : Farm Stash Box: secondlife:///app/group/67c88945-bb68-9f32-d660-7100f51d8a0d/about

Here are a few more recipes to enjoy!

DFS Ramberry Toast, which is made with fresh DFS Jams – Ram-berry Preserves

DFS Willow Bark Powder, made from the DFS Willow tree and using the DFS Drying Rack

DFS Appelflappen With Coffee, which added yummy DFS Double Vanilla Cinnamon to a DFS Appelflappen

Give each one a try today!

Check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

New Lamb Dish!

New DFS Lamb with Mustard-Shallot Sauce! Delicious roasted lamb with savory wine and fresh chives! There is a hint of mustard to spice up the dish! Enjoy!

Try some today!

Remember to check all recipes: .

We have Waffles! Woo Hoo!

Top off your delicious Sunday brunch with a warm, sweet, scrumptious DFS Waffle – Strawberries And Cream, made fresh with the New DFS Stove – Waffle Iron! The DFS Stove – Waffle Irons are available in Aqua, Cream, Black, Purple, Red and, of course, Pink! Finish off your buffet with a cold glass of DFS Tea – Rosehips Sweet Tea.

Other new items:

*Special item* DFS Willow Tree, which has 20 uses. You may harvest the willow tree every seven to receive a DFS Willow Bark Clippings small, medium, large or an empty harvest.

DFS Ram-Berry Bush
DFS Ram-Berry Basket
DFS Drying Rack
DFS Jams – Strawberry Preserves
DFS Fabric Bolt – Rosehips
DFS Wool – Rosehips Yarn Skein
Awesome DFS Appelflappen Platter

Please check the recipes on .

This is a good time for a summer brunch!

DFS is here to help you set the table! We have a few items and more to come that will spark your party fever.

Introducing our DFS Double Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee. It is a sweet way to greet the day! Try the new DFS Cookies – Scottish Shortbreads dips in delicious chocolate. Of course, pair this treat with some DFS Tea – Rosepip to make the limited dish: DFS Nessy’s Scottish Shortbread Cookies with Tea.  Delicious!

Plan your brunch today!

Remember to check all recipes on the DFS Website: .

*** Important Announcements***

Please remember, the Turkeys were just pulled out for the Expo. The turkeys and Mr. Clicky BirdBath will NOT be available after the event.  However, the other featured items will be available in the main store. The Expo ends today!

The June DFS FARM STASH Box has been revealed!

The Stasher love it! Angel was happy and eager to share her excitement. “ღαηgєℓ Đαηαოαíтђღ: Absolutely worth it! The clickies and trowels alone covers the cost of the box and are always better and better! And the extra’s, OMG!!! Love!”

This month’s Farm Stash box contained several new and unique items. The items in the box for June were 4 DFS Trowel (FSB#2) (250 uses), the 2 new DFS Booster – Stoves (50 uses), 4 DFS XMAS Gift Boxes, 3 Special DFS Watering Cans (equal to 1000 Barrels), DFS Flowers – Roses (Forever plant), DFS Flowers – Lily Yellow (10 uses), and the rare “must have” Mr. Clicky Birdhouse. Jai loved the items and the value of the Farm Stash Box. “Jai ÇɐяρзиϮєг: I recommend the stash box to any DFS farmer as it holds great value and rare items. The stash box gets better and better. I enjoy getting the stash box every month.”

Be sure to join now to get the July DFS FARM Stash Box! It is guaranteed to be an awesome addition to the lineup. Lisa is looking forward to her next box. “Lisa ‘Meez’ Porter: Original, fun and handy all at the same time! Couldn’t do my farm without it. This box is my time saver, and I’m looking forward to the next month’s Stashbox already. Sign me up!”

DFS : Farm Stash Box: secondlife:///app/group/67c88945-bb68-9f32-d660-7100f51d8a0d/about

Open the pools, and fire up the grills!

Time for a DFS BBQ, with the new DFS Stove – BBQ Grill! Take your stove cooking to the backyard! This grill is just what your outdoor kitchen needs.  The grill functions just like the stove and can be used of any recipe using a DFS Stove.  Also, to help you with those big BBQ Parties, the New DFS Boosters – Stove! The Booster is loaded to your DFS HUD to speed up your stove cooking time.  Load it to your Hud by rezzing it out, then clicking it, shows at the bottom of stats. It provides you 50 uses.

The DFS Stove – BBQ Grill is available in the DFS Mainstore! The Booster is not available yet! Just in time for your weekend BBQ!

** New DFS Items **

The New DFS Loom, to weave DFS fabric and fun tapestries right in the comforts of your own home.  No more, running to the store to finish that unique crafting project.  The DFS Loom is on sale at the DFS Mainstore.  Get ready for your loom but making our 5 new yard colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, and Green!

Make some today!

Remember to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

*** Introducing DFS Amy`s Tempura Fish Dish! ***


Amy (bellamicarter), the winner of the April Cooking Competition, has given us an impressive Tempura Fish Dish of egg-battered bass fish, fruity, tangy duck sauce. This remarkable dish is only available until June 21, 2018. Enjoy this meal with a tall glass of DFS Tea – Rosehips Sweet Tea.

Oh, Let’s Not Forget Our New Sheep!

Now, that you have sheep, let’s make some pretty dyes. No ordinary dye will do! Let’s Makes some DFS Fabric – Dyenamic Dyes in Powerful Blue, Roaring Red, Sunshiny Yellow, and Passion Purple. Designed to make your fabrics “pop”!

Remember to check your recipes!

The First DFS Bass recipe!

Tasty golden brown DFS Tempura Bass and flakey savory DFS Basic Fried Rice.

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

Newly Release of DFS Fishing System Freshwater Server!

It is an Exciting and Fun way to attract people to your sim! The server has a range of 20 meters. Currently, the server is available at DFS Mainstore for 3kL$.

New DFS Items!

The DFS Flowers – Baby`s Breath Plant, which was a feature in the DFS Farm Stash Box as a “forever plant,” is NOW available to everyone as a 10-use flower for pretty decorations and future ingredients.

Introducing the DFS Tea – Black Tea Box, a nice refreshing boost for a long day.  Also, the black tea is an excellent stain for woodwork, such as the new DFS Coffee Shelf in Large or Small!

Play DFS Farm Stash Box!

For just 2,500L$, you will receive a surprise box of DFS goodies, worth over 3,000L$, which will also include one DFS Farm Stash Box “Exclusive” item, each month. Remember, to join the group each month to get your Stash Box! The group is open to joining from the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month. You will receive your Stash on the 1st Day of the month. However, the package will be received once you are online. Rejected packages will not be replaced.


New DFS Items – Available Now!

Our new DFS Backwoods Still, designed to fit your country or mountain range décor.

And, to kick starts your morning new DFS Coffee – Breakfast Blend. Of course, this unique blend needed a special coffee maker. How about two! The DFS Coffee – Industrial Machine and the DFS Coffee – Home Machine! Both designed to give you that perfect cup of coffee each time!

Introducing the DFS Farm Stash Box, play it today.

Play DFS Farm Stash Box! For just 2,500L$, you will receive a surprise box of DFS goodies, worth over 3,000L$, which will also include one DFS Farm Stash Box “Exclusive” item, each month.  Remember, to join the group each month to get your Stash Box!


Recipe of the Month: April

DFS Lexi`s Corned Beef And Cabbage Platter

Try some today!
Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

Time : 00:20:00:
4 Uses – 25 EP/use – 1 XP
Ends: 2018-05-22

New DFS Item: DFS Beer Taps!

Now, we have custom made beer vendor taps for all of your flavored beers, meads, and ales. It is a great item to “dress up” your bar, pub, dinner or restaurant.  The taps let you load the tankards or drinking horns, set your price, then place them on your bar for a beautiful new look!  Customers can buy the items straight from the tap.  Available at the DFS Mainstore.

Special thanks to The Lost Arrow Pub, Garden Falls, DFS Community, for letting us use their pub!

Introducing the Peaches and Cream Wedding Series!

Spring is in the air! With the sounds of the lovebird’s song and the ripe sweat peaches on the tree, this is time for sweet romance. Apparently, the DFS Bakers agree as well.  Introducing the Peaches and Cream Wedding Series, which features a few unique creations such as the Peaches And Cream Cannoli Patter.  The Cannoli Patter is a sweet, creamy treat, wrapped in a flaky, delicate cookie sure to make you go back for seconds. Next in the series is the Peaches and Cream Tower, which is a two-tier display of delectable springtime treats, such as creamy DFS Strawberry cheesecakes, made from fresh farm strawberries and top quality homemade cheese. Of course, the tower includes DFS finest assorted milk chocolates, taking the tower to new heights of deliciousness.  The DFS Strawberry Cheesecake Minis and DFS Heart Box Of Assorted Chocolates can be enjoyed in the Peaches And Cream Tower are by themselves. Dressed for this special occasion, Bride & Groom Platter is a tray of yummy cake pops to top off your table display.  With all four of the wedding treats, serve each guest the DFS Wedding – Peaches And Cream Goodie Plate, which will make your wedding the talk of the town for weeks to come. With some many awesome treats to pick from, join us in discovering your favorites!

Oh, we have one more item!

Let’s not forget the crown jewel of any wedding! The Cake! Introducing the DFS Wedding Cake – Peaches And Cream (84 Li)!

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

NEW DFS Peachy Pinwheel Cookie Pop Display!

Looking for a fun, sweet treat for the spring? Try our fun whimsical DFS Peachy Pinwheel Cookie Pops.  (Now, say that 10 times real fast. 😊 ) The Pops come in a beautiful display, you will be tempted to keep. Therefore, you will need to make extras!

Make some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

Awesome New DFS Food Item!

Spring is here! With it comes the sweet taste of harvested fruits. There is no better time to proudly announce, the first DFS Peach food item. DFS Jams – Peach Preserves!  Dressed in an adorable preserve jar, you will love to display! The sweet peachy treat filled with farm-grown peaches and zesty lemons.  Let’s make some today, and welcome in the spring!

The recipe is coming soon!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

DFS Easter – Hoppy Easter Cake!


Just in time for Easter! We have added the DFS Easter – Hoppy Easter Cake,  the picture-perfect centerpiece for your Easter dinner! The cake features an adorable Easter Bunny on top and lots of carrots to keep him happy in his place of honor.  The cake is a sugary sweet treat your whole family will enjoy. The cake provides four servings, each with a cute bunny plate and an eat energy of 24.

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

DFS Easter 2018 Eggs

This year, the Easter bunny is under the weather. Therefore, he called his buddies at DFS for a bit of assistance! Always happy to help, DFS went to work and has created a fun collectible chocolate DFS Easter 2018 Eggs. The Easter Eggs have an eat energy of 31. The Easter Eggs come in four delectable flavors: Spicy Chocolate Egg, Pineapple Cream Egg, Lemon Cream Egg and Strawberry Cream Egg. Each flavor has six lovely picture options. It is an excellent collection of 24 DFS Easter 2018 Eggs! Make some to eat and some to collect!

Display the beautiful Easter Eggs in the lovely handcrafted DFS Easter 2018 Egg Collectors Shelf! The shelf is sure to delight you and your guest for years to come. However, remember, once you add the eggs to the lovely shelf, you can no longer eat them! Therefore, make plenty Easter Eggs!

Note: Loading the eggs on the shelf is simple, but please have only one shelf out at a time to ensure the eggs go in the targeted shelf. Simple click eggs and click shelf option and it will automatically load to the available slot. Make sure you have the self is close to the eggs.  LIMITED EDITION: Available until May 1, 2018.

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

New DFS Party Dishes!


DFS has two new fun dishes you can share at your next party or enjoy by yourself. Now, we have tasty DFS Tortilla Chips, which are excellent for dipping.  The Tortilla Chips are a hearty serving of 4, with a eat energy of 7. They are a salty treat with a pinch of lime, herbs, and butter. You can have the DFS Tortilla Chip by themselves or make the exciting  DFS Stephanie`s Margarita Fiesta! The Fiesta includes the DFS Tortilla Chips, DFS Roasted Salsa, and a DFS DS Traditional Margarita. It is the perfect party meal!

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

New DFS DS Traditional Margarita!

It is Girls Night! Time to pull out the limes and oranges. Don’t forget a couple of bottles of DFS DS Triple Sec Liqueur! Yes, DFS DS Traditional Margaritas Time!   Of course, we are having DFS Potato Chips and DFS Roasted Salsa with our Margaritas. Let the Party begin!

New food items:

DFS Salt Mill (available for purchase at the DFS Mainstore)

DFS Potato Chips

DFS Roasted Salsa

DFS DS Traditional Margaritas Time

Make some today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

New recipe:  DFS DS Premium Tequila!

Our DFS DS Premium Tequila made with rich DFS Syrup and our new DFS Blue Agave Plant.  The hearty plant comes in two versions: DFS Blue Agave Barrel Planter and the DFS Blue Agave Patio Planter.  The agave plants will be ready to harvest every five days and provide a basket with two uses.

The plants are available at the DFS Mainstore.  Pick up yours today, and be one step closer to a drink of Tequila!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner!


Time to pick out your green outfit, and get ready to party the night away! It is also an excellent time to start making some DFS DS Triple Sec Liqueur, which provides six servings. The DFS DS Triple Sec Liqueur takes 24 hours to make and has a punch of sweet orange goodness! Of course for dessert, a slice of creamy DFS Saint Patricks Day Cake, filled with mint, chocolate and a pinch of vanilla and lemon.

Try some today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

New DFS Petfood Snack!

Whether you are the fussy kitten or the playful puppy, bring your role-playing to life with our New DFS Petfood Snack.  Each sack of DFS Petfood Snacks provides four servings. Each serving comes with an adorable food and water dish set. Perfect for your SL Pet Roleplay!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Be sure to visit the Medieval Fantasy Fair 9th – 18th. Rows and Rows of nice shops. Of course, visit the DFS Hut packed with “only fair” items.

Medieval Fantasy Fair 2018

We have the turkeys out for a limited time during the fair, a new design on the beehive and the Still!

SLURL to the fair here:

New DFS Seed! DFS Barley Seeds! Start planting some today. You will need barley to use in the DFS Stills! 😊

Reminder! DFS Still available tomorrow, March 9th  at ONLY at Medieval Fantasy Fair, March 9th – 18th!

Of course, once you get your DFS Still, you will need to make some whiskey. Let’s try some DFS DS Irish Whiskey (uses 6, Drink Energy 5), or a cool refreshing DFS DS Shamrock Sour, served with a slice of lime! That’s right folks Limes! Now you can buy limes at the DFS Mainstore.

New DFS Still!

Just in time for the Medieval Fantasy Fair, March 9th – 18th!  Of course, the DFS Still is perfect for making Irish Whiskey, to go with your meal!

For the Fair, the DFS display will feature special items such as the redesigned Country DFS Beehive and the DFS Still.  Of course, it is not a fair without that tasty smoked Turkey Leg.  That is right folks. DFS is bringing back the Turkeys for the fair!

Be sure to visit DFS display at the fair, and see what other fun treats will be featured.

Six New Rare DFS Lunch boxes!

At the front of DFS Main store, you can find the fun gacha Lunch box board.  These cute new pals can be used for display, trade or to pack your EP hungry meal.  Try your luck at getting a few or all of them.  Remember, they make awesome gifts for anyone!

Rare DFS Lunch Boxes

DFS Panda Box

DFS Kitty Box

DFS Donut Box

DFS Puppers Box

DFS Piggly Box

DFS Peachy Box


Today is the Grand Opening of the first DFS Learning Center at 3pm SLT!

The Center was created and designed by Amaya, one of our awesome supporters and faithful DFS Users. The Center is a state of the arts showcase of the DFS system, designed to be interactive and promote self-learning in a fun and creative way.  In addition, it will house many of the future DFS classes and demonstrations. Merging the center with our active DFS Support group, forum and website, provides customers with easy access to get started, and to make DFS a key part of their role-playing experience.

Visit the Center today, and be part of our new experience! At the information desk in the front of the main store, just take the teleport to the Learning Center.

Light refreshments provided!

New DFS Vday Dessert Plate and DFS Vday Wonderland Donut Tower!

Perfect of that Afternoon Tea Party, Birthdays or when you are just in the mood for a tasty sweet treat.  Don’t let the cuteness fool you. Each plate is filled with energy.  The DFS Vday Dessert Plate has an Eat Energy of 55.

Try some today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Let’s Do Dinner Right: DFS Turporken Dinner

Remember, those great dinners at Grandma’s house! No matter when you arrived, she would have a table filled with fresh from the oven, yummy food waiting to greet her love ones! Let us help you share that awesome experience with your family.

We can start the meal off with a garden-fresh salad. DFS Garden Salad is filled with crispy sweet tasty veggies, and a hint of bacon to give it and extra kick! The crown jewel of the meal, DFS Runefalls Turporken! Delicious, farm fresh, chicken and ham, stuffed with spicy hearty sausage stuffing. The dish has been enhanced with sweet fresh oranges and juicy cranberries. Next, buttery sweet, DFS Corn On The Cob Platter, with just a touch of herbs to make them special. Of course, we add our creamy rich DFS Mac N Cheese to the Dinner.    For dessert, remind them you love them! Nothing says I love your like brownies! Yummy DFS Vday Eat Me Brownie Pops! Our pops are filled with rich creamy chocolate and sweet Vday cherries.

Guaranteed to be a meal your family will remember!  Try some today

Recipe coming soon!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

NEW Mac & Cheese!

Some old DFS favorites dishes are being dressed up to enhance the role play experience! Look at the yummy NEW Mac & Cheese!

The new recipe includes flavorful herbs, fresh cream made from the finest DFS cows, sweet homemade butter and of course, Cheese, and more Cheese! It is a dish you will be proud to serve your family!

Try some today.

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Fun New DFS Valentine’s Day items!

Here is an adorable DFS Vday Mushroom Table to go with your cute DFS Vday Wonderlands Stool Sets.

For that Valentine’s Day Party, you are planning, we have two new tasty beers. Try our DFS Runefalls Orange Cinnamon Mead Keg 2018 or the DFS Brewery My Bloody Valentine Ale Keg 2018.

For your Valentine’s Day décor, we have the sweet little DFS Vday Valentine Topiary Tree. Cupid is coming for you! Of course, it is not Valentine’s Day, until you have a pretty, sparkly DFS Vday Valentine Tree, or 4!😊

You still have time! Try them today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:


Come and enjoy a day of romance, fun and awesome memories to create!

We, at DFS, would like to show you a token of our love and appreciation to our whole DFS community!

Come play! Pick your target with Warbug planes, find a romantic setting for picture, or dance the time away.

Location: At Mainstore, please take teleport to VDay Event.

Let’s Have Some Cake!

We know! We know!

You have your DFS Vday Wonderland Crackers, and your DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Platter! However, all that partying is going to make for some hungry guests! Well, top your party off with a sweet ending! Serve them DFS Vday Wonderland Cake, DFS Vday Wonderland Queens Cookies and DFS Vday Be Mine Goodie Tower.

DFS Vday Wonderland Cake


DFS Vday Wonderland Queens Cookies

DFS Vday Be Mine Goodie Tower

Try them today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Whats inside the cracker prizes?

Party Hat 1
Party Hat 2
Party Hat 3
Party Hat 4
Party Hat 5
Party Hat 6
Party Hat 7
Party Hat 8
Alice Mask
Queen Mask
Crazy Cat Mask
Rabbit Time Mask
Mousy Mask
Mad as a Hatter Mask
Blower 1
Blower 2
Blower 3
Blower 4
Blower 5
Blower 6

DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Platter

Now that you have your DFS Vday Wonderland Crackers, it is time to keep the party going! Pull out the party drinks! Let’s mix up a batch of DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Platter, which will provide 4 serves of the DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Glass. The DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Glass is a creamy, sweet blend of cherries and pineapples, in a lovely fun display.

Try some today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Platter
DFS Prep Table
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Potion
2 – DFS Vday Box Of Glasses
3 – DFS Vday Box Of Straws
4 – DFS Strawberry
Time : 00:05:00:
4 Uses – 15 EP/use – 1 XP

Oh, for all you DFS pharmacists, alchemists, and witches,this Valentine’s Day, we have not forgotten you !

Here are new potions for you to make and ……. Share 😊.
DFS Vday Love Potion
DFS Vday Queens Face Off Lotion
Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the latest recipes:

Make your Valentine’s Day party fun and exciting! (Still in testing! Will be ready real soon!)

Give our DFS Vday Wonderland Crackers! They are sure to delight your guest. They are awesome party favors and fun for pictures.  There are 10 crackers to make and collect! Each have fun things inside for your guest to “POP” and wear! It will be a party to remember!


Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes:

Special thanks to the folks at BabyGirl SkyGarden for testing our DFS Vday Wonderland Crackers.

Mari Annabelle Magic Quinn is ready for Valentine’s Day!

Mari is starting it off by sharing her DFS Mariannas Sweetheart Candy with her Mommy (Sonoma Annabelle Quinn) and a couple friend (Fyrebird Courier & Rowan Lucas Andrew) . Of course, Mari wants some of the yummy treat for herself! Good thing each dish has four servings.

Who are you planning to share the yummy sweet treat with? Start making some today! Remember, this dish is only available until March 3, 2018.

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the latest recipes:

Here is a new DFS Vday items:  The DFS Vday Stool sets

We are sure one or two will be your favorite.  All with fun “sit animations”.  Be sure to Create and Collect them all! The stools feature two series: The DFS Vday Wonderland Crazy Cat Set and DFS Vday Wonderland Alice Set.

The DFS Vday Wonderland Crazy Cat Set

DFS Vday Wonderland Alice Set

Check the DFS Website for recipes:

Celebrate your sweetheart with a DFS Mariannas Sweetheart Candy (Limited Time)!

This scrumptious treat is filled with fruity and sweet goodness. Featured in a lovely display to bring in a season of love, warmth and appreciation! Make some today! Remember, this dish is only available until March 3, 2018.

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the latest recipes:

Recipe for the Month of February: DFS Mariannas Sweetheart Candy (Limited Time)

DFS Stove

Slot – Item

1 – DFS Sugar

2 – DFS Syrup

3 – DFS Berry

4 – DFS Lemon

5 – DFS Strawberry

6 – DFS Grapes

7 – DFS Orange

8 – DFS Vanilla Bean

9 – DFS Water Bucket

Time : 00:05:00:

4 Uses – 12 EP/use – 1 XP

Ends: 2018-03-03

Communication Issues 2018-01

There has been some issues with communications between SL and the DFS main servers

If the HUD displays as below with the two arrows being RED it means that there was a issue with the SIM your currently on, you can retry communication by clicking the Stats button (Top right with 3 lines on the HUD) if the arrows turn Green you are good to go.

IMPORTANT! Do not harvest items when the communications are RED as this will cause it to fail.  Unfortunately, DFS will not be able to replace these items. Therefore, it is critical you review your HUD, and stop cooking or harvesting when you notice the RED arrows.

[2018-01-30 08:17] I have received feedback from Lilian Linden

“Thanks for your patience. This is something we are currently researching with our engineers and developers. It seems to be impacting many residents across the grid. I do apologize for any delays.”

DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree (Released on February 1, 2018)

February is a time of love and romance. February is also a time of little tokens of appreciation and love. For DFS, February means fun and exciting new items for our customers to make. Items you can cherish, give or sell to others! Enjoy a shower of love and appreciation from our DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree.

As you enjoy daily displays of showering hearts, the harvest will provide a cutie “click me” DFS Vday Surprise Box, which contains things to use for cooking and crafting fun new items, such as the DFS Vday Queens Planter and the DFS Vday Card Man 2018 (4)

On February 1, be sure to pick up your tree from the DFS Mainstore, and enjoy a month showered in love, fun and appreciation!


Here is a list of the few items harvest from your DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree:

DFS Vday Queens Planter
DFS Vday Card Man 2018 (4)
DFS Vday Love Recipe Card
DFS Vday Box Of Straws
DFS Vday Box Of Cards
DFS Vday Basket Of Roses
DFS Vday Lost Shoe
DFS Vday Box Of Paper
DFS Vday Box Of Dirt
DFS Vday Box Of Balloons
DFS Vday Box Of Sprinkles
DFS Vday Box Of Dirt
DFS Vday Caged Cupid
DFS Vday Box Of Love Bugs
DFS Vday Box Of Cherries
DFS Vday Box Of Lip Stick
DFS Vday Box Of Ribbons
DFS Vday Box Of Glasses
DFS Vday Box Of Jasmine
DFS Vday Box Of Panties

Stay tune for more Vday items!

DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter

As we “snuggle in” for the winter, time to slaughter a few hogs, and make a hearty meal, that will fight away the winter chill!  A nice DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter is just what you need!

The platter as tasty slices of ham cooked to perfection, next to flavourful moist sausage stuffing, then add a mouth watering buttery baked potato. Let us not forget the sweet yummy roasted carrots, and a slice of orange to garish the plate.  Makes some today and have a feast!


DFS Half Cooked Roasted Hog

DFS Raw Sausage Stuffing

DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter

Please remember to ALWAYS check recipes at .

Show us your..Kitchens! *Forum Only Competition*

Winners for the Kitchen Design Contest are:

Erinsmeow 1st – L$1500


LeannanMcCormick 2nd – L$600

Akemi Riverstone 3rd –   L$300

Congratulations to all the winners! There were many great entries! Special thanks to Moderators Watchmy Tracer and Morganna Tracers for hosting and sponsoring the contest! Awesome job!


Digital Farming System Forum ( ) is a fun way to get your ideas heard, vote on upcoming items, share information about Role-playing adventures, and post your Markets.   Join the form today! We want to hear from you. Please register for the forum today, then send staff a message to activate your account.

The Dish of the Month for January is Watchmy Tracer’s DFS Screaming Ubar Paga!

The Screaming Ubar Paga is an excellent blend of hearty wine and strawberries. Designed to hit the taste buds just right!  Try some today!

DFS Screaming Ubar Paga (Limited Time)

DFS Fermenter

Slot – Item

1 – DFS Wheat

2 – DFS Wheat

3 – DFS Yeast

4 – DFS Potato

5 – DFS Potato

6 – DFS Water Bucket

7 – DFS Strawberry

8 – DFS Strawberry

9 – DFS Wine Barrel 2018

Time : 216:00:00:

4 Uses – 40 EP/use – 1 XP

Ends: 2018-02-01

DFS New Years Celebration Drink

Here is that last minute “Save the Party” drink! Try the fun and sparkly DFS New Years Celebration Drink. Time to Party! …….. and let’s add some cake! DFS ABC Cake 🙂

DFS Xmas Winter Dream Tea

There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air. *shiver*  It’s time for a hot cup of DFS Xmas Winter Dream Tea, which is filled with yummy candy cane mint, cranberries and spicy herb.  Just what you need to chase away the chill.

Try some today! (Recipe available soon)

Let’s Celebrate the New Year with a Bang, and two new carpentry items!

DFS New Years 2018 Celebration Table & DFS New Years 2018 Celebration Chair

Then Top off the Big Night with DFS New Years 2018 Cake!

Recipes are up and ready to go! Please check all recipes on the DFS website:

Please note: New Recipe: Frozen Sip Root to make Sip Root

All the DFS customers have been so sweet this year’s. (Yes, Santa checked the list twice!) As a reward, the DFS elves added a few special sweet treats.

New DFS Xmas Food Items! Try them all!

New Food Recipes:
DFS Xmas Cookie Tree Platter
DFS Xmas Reindeer Cupcake Tray
DFS Xmas Fruit Cake Tray
DFS Xmas Falling Snow Cake
DFS Xmas Golden Holly Cake
DFS Xmas Home For The Holidays Cake

New Craft Recipe:
DFS Xmas Carrots For Dinner Snowman (decor)