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Garden Falls, a friendly little town, with a full range of DFS focused shops. Come and enjoy our lovely café, or stay at our friendly Bed&Breakfast, grab a sandwich at our deli or party at our lively pub. Role-Play,fun,family,cafe,shop


DFS Community Guidelines

DFS Community Guidelines
Version 2018-10-04

Welcome to the DFS Community

DFS has strong community values and a network of faithful users excited about the future of the product. From the very beginning, our users have pushed for a DFS community to call home or just to hang out and have fun with other DFS customers. Well, DFS family, we heard you! Welcome to the start of awesome new DFS experience.

• General Guidelines
• Parcel Guidelines
• Group Guidelines
• Roleplay Guidelines
1. General Guidelines

1a) All public interactions including but not limited to Voice, IM, Gestures and local Chat in public areas are to be kept PG at all times. This is a Family Friendly Community! (Please note: this rule does not apply to your interactions within your own parcel. There you are free to speak freely as you wish as long as you have restricted your voice and local to your own parcel. If you need help doing this, please contact a manager: April Loire or Fairy Forrest).

1b) Camming in or entering other people’s homes is off limits. Not only is it an invasion of privacy, but also unrealistic for RP purposes, we would generally not do that in real life. Please ensure you are considerate of others’ privacy. Even though you can’t see avatars when you cam into someone’s home, you can see their belongings, and in most cases, they can see that you are camming inside which creates an uncomfortable situation for everyone. Please be mindful of this.

1c) Do not enter a Home unless you are invited. This includes but is not limited to roleplaying Police, Fire, Emergency Medical RP and Visitors.

1d) Bullying, harassment, condescending behavior or rude behavior toward another resident, a visitor or any member of the community, in general, will not be tolerated. This is considered a major offense and will result in your permanent removal from DFS Community.

1f) We offer a 48-hour grace period for rent payment. If you know you will not be online, please ensure you pay your rent in advance. As soon as 48 hours post expiry has lapsed on the rental box, it will become available to others on the waiting list, and you will be removed as a tenant. In this case, all your belongings are returned to you in bulk, which can result in loss of items without copies. For your own peace of mind and to avoid the hassle, please pay ahead of time. You can expect a message/notecard from a manager shortly after you went overdue to remind you of the payment.

1g) Please respect all members of the DFS community at all times. Members of our community include but are not limited to Sim Owners, Estate Managers, Sim Officers, DFS Users, DFS Patrons, Store/Shop Owners, Employees of any establishment on the sim, Residents, DFS CSRs, and Customers.

1i) Community Guidelines will be updated at the sim owner’s discretion and can be done without notice. A notice will be sent with the new copy immediately upon adjustment. It is your responsibility to be up to date on Guidelines, please ensure you are attentive to all notices sent to DFS Community groups always.

1j) We encourage our residents to have an active involvement in the community. If you are a shop or store owner, please spend time in the store, greeting and responding to guest. We are aiming for a “live” community look and feel. You are welcome to hire employees to work your stores or shops. It is our hope, residents will work, be employed and buy from each other, and import from other DFS markets. All residents are welcome to participate in the weekly “Farmers market” located in the town square, stalls will be provided. ((note to the team: how about we let them use the Market stall for free as a benefit of living here, and not rent them to ppl who do not rent here???))

1k) The following Groups should be joined to ensure you have access to all areas of our sims. Residents will be sent a group invite to rez in the community area/shops. Private residents will own the parcel.

2. Parcel Guidelines

2a) If you do not wish others to be able to hear personal conversations within your parcel you should set your parcel settings to restrict voice to the parcel as well as your gestures. You can do this by going to the land settings. All parcels have these setting as a standard upon renting.

2b) Unless your parcel is set to keep all conversation private all conversation either type or voice or gestures it is to be kept PG. There is no exception to this rule.

2c) Your rent is based on prims allocated to you. If you go over this amount, you will be asked to fix it. If after 12 hours you have not done so, items will be returned to you. Extra Prim passes are available at an additional cost to those who require a few extra, please contact Sim Managers, if you need more prim, to discuss it.

2d) Please restrict your objects to within your own parcel boundaries. If you don’t know where your parcel starts and finishes, press control, shift, alt, P to highlight parcel borders or press the Land button on your viewer. The only exception to this rule is having a bike or scooter or any such item out in the public areas while you are present, and we ask that you take it with you when you go home. Please note that having any such item within the public areas will subject you and the object to general community RP as it is in a public space, i.e., traffic violations, etc…

2e) Adult interactions are absolutely allowed while on your own parcel provided that it has restricted access. Other visitors, tenants, and staff should not be able to see or hear you. That said, camming is not permitted. Please see community guideline 1b. Please do not make others uncomfortable by doing inappropriate things in public areas.

2f) Rezzing in public areas (park…etc.) is allowed, however, keep it PG at all times. We will return items should you forget. However, we are here to maintain a peaceful and happy community not to clean up after you, so please remember to pick it up when you’re done.

2g) Parcel permissions will allow you to change your parcel name, change music and media and control access lists. It should also let you change who can interact on your parcel. However, if you need help doing this, feel free to contact a sim manager.

2h) Landscaping your plot is no small task. We have put a lot of effort and details into your surroundings and general sim design, we ask that you do not put anything on your parcel that doesn’t match the sim. For example Purple trees… Autumn plants in the Winter, Alpha trees. We ask this to keep the integrity of the design and make it visually pleasing to all who are walking around. If you are unsure of a significant decorating change, please consult with a Sim Manager. The Sim Owners and Managers can always overrule decisions made to landscaping to ensure the high quality of details is kept to a specific standard.

2i) All parcels are provided already with a high-quality home and decoration that are included in your prim usage. Should you like to replace the house, this is possible. However, the house must be approved by the Sim managers to avoid having something entirely out of place in the community. For example, we prefer not to have a gothic vampire tower in our beautiful country sim. Please think of your Neighbors when decorating! Let’s keep DFS Community beautiful for all to see. Regarding prims, if the home you put out has a higher land impact than the original house on the parcel, it will count towards your prims, not ours.

2j) If you are unsure of prim usage, please get in contact with a Sim Manager. We are here to help you whenever and however you need. We will always do our best to get back to you asap.

2k) If adding Subtenants to your rental box, those tenants are your responsibility. If they break guidelines, it can result in your eviction. Please educate your guests and family members on our Guidelines.

2l) If you have a store or shop, please inform the sim manager of the focus of your store before implementing it. Most of the stores are already assigned a theme, such as but not limited to Bakery, Ice Cream Parlor, Grocery Store, Pub / Bar, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Church, flower & gift shop, etc. Please make sure to keep your store within the theme. Therefore, sell items that fit your store or shop. For example, if you have a Flower and gift stores, it would not be appropriate to sell cheeseburgers. We are working hard to give you a full DFS Community feel.

2m) If you are no longer able to rent with us, please do not promise your home to someone outside of our community. The first option will be provided to current tenants, the Second option to DFS patrons, Then to the individuals on our waiting list. If at that time, the house is available, we are happy to rent to the individual you identify as a good tenant.

3. Group Guidelines

3a) Group chat in all DFS Community groups is to be kept PG at all times. There is no exception to this rule.

3b) You may advertise within group chat and or send notices. However, it must be for events that are within the community. Just to be clear, you can NOT advertise your store, a carnival or event in another community, etc. If you wish to promote something that may be interested in our members, please contact one of the Sim Managers to discuss it first.

3c) Regarding group support if you don’t hear back from a member of staff in the group chat regarding any questions you have, please message them directly! Chances are, the group chat hasn’t opened. Rest assured you will never be intentionally ignored.

4. Role Play Guidelines

4a) RP is not a requirement at DFS Community. It is not the focus of the DFS Community. The center of this community is to fellowship and share the DFS experience. However, RP adds a fun element to our DFS experience, and we love it. Therefore, encourage you to participate in the fun whenever there are roleplay activities held within the community. We also ask that you not negatively impact the RP for others.

4b) Forcing RP is a big NO. If it is clear, by like of interaction or avoidance. Please be respectful of this and let them live here in peace.

4c) God Modding is not allowed. If you get run over by a scooter or bike when in character during a roleplaying activity, you’re not going just to be fine afterward. You would at the very least need to RP some form of medical attention. If you are not interested in RPing realistically then it is best to avoid the activity altogether. We strive to provide a positive and realistic RP experience for those who wish to participate.

4d) Meta Gaming is not allowed. (Metagaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game). This includes Griefing of any nature!!!!! This will result in immediate eviction and estate ban!!
To read more about Meta-Gaming and examples, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metagaming_(role-playing_games)

4e) All Normal or reasonable size avatars are welcome, including but not limited to Humans, furriers, fairies, Fauns, witch, vampires, werewolves, etc. We cannot accommodate a dragon the size of a house in our community, but a 10-foot dragon is welcome. Since the sim is PG, please no public nudity, no public spankings in the common areas.

4f) Setting fire to your home is not allowed.

If you are not sure or do not understand any of these rules, please do not hesitate to contact April Loire or Fairy Forrest for assistance. If they are not online, please post NC in town hall mailbox, and a copy sent directly to them. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. Our goal is to have a thriving fun DFS community experience based on inclusion, fun, and comfort! Please help us reach our goal!