New Monday Items – Icecream!

DFS Ice Cream Tub – Chocolate
DFS Ice Cream Tub – French Vanilla
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Mint Chip
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Orange Swirl
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Pumpkin
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Strawberry

Monday Update

New Items:
DFS Watermelon Seeds (Dirt Field)

New Recipes:
DFS Plain Cake (Will be used in all cake recipes)
DFS Watermelon Slices
DFS Watermelon Bites
DFS Beer Keg

New Monday Release

We now have Hops! so beer will be coming soon!
First Recipe for Strawberries are out as well

DFS Strawberry Tartlets
DFS Oven
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Strawberry
2 – DFS Strawberry
5 – DFS Sugar
8 – DFS Pie Crust
Time : 00:10:00:
3 Uses – 15 EP/use – 1 XP

New Monday Release

##New Recipes!##
*DFS Apple Juice

*DFS independence Day Picnic

*DFS Canada Day Breakfast

*DFS Tar Southern Biscuit

Changes to recipe page on the website! will now display as follow
# Uses – # EP/use – # XP
Small bug fixes on cows, V2.4 for fields, all products have resizer and updater scripts in them!

Update Information

I have updated resizer scripts to most products, there is also an updater script added to the system that will check every 30 days if the product needs updating.

Fields has been updated to Version 2.4, this is NOT a mandatory update.