The First DFS Bass recipe!

Tasty golden brown DFS Tempura Bass and flakey savory DFS Basic Fried Rice.

Try some today!

Be sure to check all recipes on the DFS Recipe Website:

Newly Release of DFS Fishing System Freshwater Server!

It is an Exciting and Fun way to attract people to your sim! The server has a range of 20 meters. Currently, the server is available at DFS Mainstore for 3kL$.

New DFS Items!


The DFS Flowers – Baby`s Breath Plant, which was a feature in the DFS Farm Stash Box as a “forever plant,” is NOW available to everyone as a 10-use flower for pretty decorations and future ingredients.

Introducing the DFS Tea – Black Tea Box, a nice refreshing boost for a long day.  Also, the black tea is an excellent stain for woodwork, such as the new DFS Coffee Shelf in Large or Small!