Animals – Information Sheet


  • Female animals will give birth once every six or nine days of their life span, but ONLY if there is a male of the SAME kind within 5 meters. Currently, if the male is near, sows, hens, and female turkeys birth every six (6) days of their life span. However, if the male is near, cows and ostriches birth every nine (9) days of their life span.
  • Males can make the one Female of its kind pregnant every hour.
  • When a female is pregnant, you will see a BLUE hover text PREGNANT above its head. To collect the new birth, click the Female, and select BIRTH from the menu.  The new animal will then be delivered to your inventory.
  • Female Cows and Goats will provide milk 24 hours after their first BIRTH. You will see a YELLOW “MILK” hover message above the DFS Cow. To collect the milk, click on the DFS Cow, click MILK from the menu, then a DFS Milk Crate or DFS Goat Milk will be delivered to your inventory.  The Female will now give the milk once every 24 hours.
  • EXCEPT for the DFS Roosters, all Male animals will provide one bag of DFS Fertilizer every day


All DFS Animals require DAILY Care, Food, and Water.  All DFS Animals will die without these items, except the DFS Chicken Coop, which will Freeze in place until the care items are received.  Brushing your DFS Animal takes you to a limit of 80% happiness. Daily, you only need to bring the animal to 80%. However, if you are ready to slaughter the animal, you MAY give them Animal Protein to get the animal to 100% Happiness, which allows you to get the maximum about of meat.

If you cannot care for your DFS Animals, return them to your inventory, which will stop the clock on your animals, until they are rezzed out again.

While wearing the DFS HUD, and the DFS Animal Brush, you will need to click the DFS Animal, to access the menu options: SETTINGS, RENAME, BRUSH, EXIT, WASTE, or SLAUGHTER.


  • Select BRUSH from the animal menu
    • Hover over the animal with your mouse pointer until you see the ‘Sit’ icon
    • Left-click to sit on it. You may need to toggle your AO if it doesn’t animate you
    • From your DFS HUD, while sitting on the animal, click ‘Care’ to complete the action and costs 5 Energy.  This will increase happiness by 20%, to a maximum of 80% (unless using Animal Protein).
    • If you bring the happiness percentage to 80% (or 100% with animal protein), your avatar will automatically stand.
    • DFS Mr.Clicky is Optional
  • Select WASTE from the animal menu
    • One Bag of Fertilizer will be sent to your inventory
  • Select SLAUGHTER from the animal menu
    • To harvest the Animal and collect the carcass. The best time to do this is based on the DFS Animal’s Life Span. Most DFS Animal’s Life Span is 30 Days.  The current exception to this rule are DFS Turkeys, DFS Hens, and DFS Roosters.
  • Depending on the DFS Animals, there are other options, such as Selecting SHEAR, BIRTH, MILK, and EGGS.
  • Select PROTEIN from the animal menu
    • Place the protein near the DFS Animal, click the animal and select PROTEIN from the menu. The animal will consume the protein, and the Happiness stat will gain 20% and will be able to be increased higher than 80%. NOTE: DFS Hens and DFS Roosters do not need PROTEIN.
    • It is best to give protein after 21 days or more, just before selecting slaughter.
    • PROTEIN is used to Boost meat production on the animal. For example:

      In a cow :

      *Without Protein –

      • Age 0-3 – 3 meat
      • Age 4-10 – 5 meat
      • Age 11 and above – 7 meat


      **With Protein (as long as you boost Happiness to 81% or more) –

      • Age 4-10 – 7 meat
      • Age 11 and above – 10 meat


  • Place one of their required food source and a DFS Water Trough within 10 meters of them to keep their Hunger and Thirst stats at or near 100%. The animal will only start eating when their hunger is under 90%.
  • The animals will eat and drink throughout the day automatically. However, it is a good idea to monitor your animals’ food and water, to ensure it is always available, and that Second Life has not glitched.
  • We recommend using food rezzers. (check out the DFS FREEBIE Pack available in the DFS Main Store)