Lunchboxes are a fun addition to the DFS lineup.

Here is how you use them:

Lunchboxes are made to absorb DFS Food.  The food that is rezzed near it, and then dispense in determined amounts when clicked.  The first thing is determine how many points you wish the lunch box to give out, and how many times.  For example, if you wish it to give out 100 points 5 times, you will need to set the lunchbox to 5 times, and load 500 points worth of Snack Packs.

Steps to fill the lunchbox:

  1. Rez the lunchbox.
  2. Click for menu.
  3. Select the amount of uses (total amount of EP loaded divided by uses = amount of EP loaded to hud per click). You can click ++ to increase, or — to decrease.
  4. Rez the amount of snack packs you wish.
  5. Click “Load Food”. The snack packs will disappear as it is loaded.
  6. Double check the total amount of EP loaded and Uses.
  7. Click “Finish”.
  8. Enjoy!

Every time you click on the box from then on, the lunchbox will add that amount of EP to your hud.  After the last use, the lunchbox will disappear.

Note:  Make sure that you are “hungry” enough to use the full amount of EP before clicking.  If there is extra when you click, those points will be wasted.  The lunchbox is set to pick up food in a 5m circle.  Please check before clicking “Load Food” to ensure that you will not loan extra food into the lunchbox.