DFS New Years Celebration Drink

Here is that last minute “Save the Party” drink! Try the fun and sparkly DFS New Years Celebration Drink. Time to Party! …….. and let’s add some cake! DFS ABC Cake 🙂

DFS Xmas Winter Dream Tea


There is snow on the ground and a chill in the air. *shiver*  It’s time for a hot cup of DFS Xmas Winter Dream Tea, which is filled with yummy candy cane mint, cranberries and spicy herb.  Just what you need to chase away the chill.

Try some today! (Recipe available soon)

Let’s Celebrate the New Year with a Bang, and two new carpentry items!


DFS New Years 2018 Celebration Table & DFS New Years 2018 Celebration Chair

Then Top off the Big Night with DFS New Years 2018 Cake!


Recipes are up and ready to go! Please check all recipes on the DFS website: https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/

Please note: New Recipe: Frozen Sip Root to make Sip Root

All the DFS customers have been so sweet this year’s. (Yes, Santa checked the list twice!) As a reward, the DFS elves added a few special sweet treats.

New DFS Xmas Food Items! Try them all!


New Food Recipes:
DFS Xmas Cookie Tree Platter
DFS Xmas Reindeer Cupcake Tray
DFS Xmas Fruit Cake Tray
DFS Xmas Falling Snow Cake
DFS Xmas Golden Holly Cake
DFS Xmas Home For The Holidays Cake


New Craft Recipe:
DFS Xmas Carrots For Dinner Snowman (decor)


The rest of the DFS XMAS tree recipes are out and ready to go! From the smallest to the tallest! We have the tree for you. Pick your favorite or make them all! They are a lovely selection of Christmas trees to meet any design needs!

This snowy morning, Saminah is out admiring the DFS Xmas trees, and selecting her favorite. Can you guess which one, she picked? Nope, we are not telling! Now, its time for you to go find your favorite!

Remember: Check DFS recipes at https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Enjoy!


DFS Xmas Tree selection:

DFS Xmas Chip & Dale Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Christmas Kiss Tree

DFS Xmas Country Apple Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Country Traditions Tree

DFS Xmas Elf In The House Tree

DFS Xmas Gnome Home Tree

DFS Xmas Its A Blue Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Lots Of Love Tree

DFS Xmas Merry Little Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Modern Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Mousy Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Off With Your Head Tree

DFS Xmas Oriental Tree

DFS Xmas Purrfect Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Royal Christmas Tree

DFS Xmas Silly Little Tree

DFS Xmas Victorian Tree

Have you tried it yet?! You still have time.


DFS Aldora Perogie is a meal fit for a king, or one of his royal knights! The DFS Aldora Perogie is a hearty meal sure to fill you up, and give you the energy needed to conquer the battle field. It is filled with cheesy goodness, spices, and yes! Our all-time favorite! Bacon! There is even a touch of beer in this tasty fair!

Start the fermenter, and give this hearty dish a try! Limited Time: Only available the Month of December 2017.

Remember: Check DFS recipes at https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/

[1] DFS Aldora Pierogi (Limited Time)
DFS Stove
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Basic Dough
2 – DFS Potato
3 – DFS Cheese
4 – DFS Raw Onion
5 – DFS Herb
6 – DFS Beer Keg 2017
7 – DFS Fried Bacon
8 – DFS Tomato
9 – DFS Honey Jar
Time : 00:05:00:
1 Use – 70 EP/use – 1 XP
Ends: 2018-01-05

The Orchard is ready for a DFS Xmas!

The Orchard is ready for a DFS Xmas!

Santa is hiding in every corner, getting ready for the big day!

The Orchard is a family business that loves to help newcomers, and teaching them how to use DFS products. Its different theme stores are fun and gives a nice role play experiences.

Remember: If you have dressed your store, market or stall up for the holiday, please contact Fairy Catronis. We would love to see it!

We also have more DFS Xmas Tree Recipes for you!

• DFS Xmas Royal Christmas Tree, with its shiny purple glory is a perfect tree for all you purple lovers.

• Cat loves, we have the tree for you! The DFS Xmas Purrfect Christmas Tree is covered in adorable kittens, and red accents.
You have to try them all!

Time to Dress up the Christmas Trees!


On Monday, Dec 11, DFS is releasing four new gorgeous Xmas Tree recipes!


With our wide-range of 16 amazing DFS Xmas Trees, one is sure to complement and enhance your holiday decorations! Collect as many as your like!

The release will include:

• The sassy and joyful, DFS Xmas Christmas Kiss Tree,
• The bold and regal, DFS Xmas Its A Blue Christmas Tree,
• The fun and playful, DFS Xmas Mousy Christmas Tree, and
• The adorable and cutie, DFS Xmas Merry Little Christmas Tree

In the upcoming days, look for more DFS Xmas recipes to be announced!
Please review all recipes on the DFS website at https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Even Santa needs help staying warm as he prepares to greet all the kiddies, big and small. DFS is helping Santa staying warm with a yummy cup of DFS Woodland Tea. Our Woodland Tea has a nice hearty woody aroma to put you in the Christmas mood. The tea features a nice custom blend of herbs, oranges and cinnamon, with a touch of vanilla to give it and extra bite. It is just what Santa needs! This year, Santa is extra busy.



To help Santa out, DFS will be selling DFS Xmas Shed 2017, which has 30 uses and allows you to collect awesome ingredients for future fun DFS recipes.

Available: December 4, 2017