DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween goodies!

The night is dark and the goblins are out, and the witches and black cats are prowling about!

DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween Goodies are out!

Come see what we have cooked up!

Let’s start off with Oktoberfest. We have a few awesome new dishes ready for you to try and enjoy with your flavored beers, such as:

  • DFS Melly’s Shepherds Pie (October specialty item)
  • DFS Pretzel with Dip Tray
  • DFS Jar of Pickled Eggs Tray
  • DFS Pork Schnitzel Tray
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Tray
  • DFS Vinegar
  • DFS Sauerkraut Tray
  • DFS Pot of Cheese Soup Tray
  • DFS Bowl of Pickled Eggs
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Plate
  • DFS Pot of Chicken Stock Tray


Wait a minute! Don’t use up all that wax on Cheese Soup, yet! Halloween is right around the corner and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles that are specialty items only here for the month of October.

Halloween is right around the corner, and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles. These are only available for the month of October.

Don’t forget our fun expressive DFS Halloween pumpkins that you will love dressing up. Of course, nothing says Halloween like a secret garden. So let’s get out the shovels and start digging in the graves. You never know what hidden secrets are there. But remember, all the Halloween treats are only available in October.


  • DFS HW Happy Feet Candles in Yellow, White, Teal, Purple, Green and Blue
  • DFS HW Bat Candle in “Surprised”, “Sad” ,“Crazy”, “Cat Eyes” and “Angry
  • DFS HW Black Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Orange Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Pumpkins in Moon, Mr Mean, Sweet, Spooky, Tooth
  • DFS Jack-O-Lantern seeds
  • DFS HW Field 2017

And other fun Halloween items such as: straw, sip root, nightshade, hemlock, fairy wings, eyeballs, box of old clothes, poison ivy, slug brain, wormwood, snail slime, toadstools, human bones, web silk, and willow bark.

Enjoy them all!

Please be sure to check https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/ for exciting new recipes.