New Monday Items – Icecream!

DFS Ice Cream Tub – Chocolate
DFS Ice Cream Tub – French Vanilla
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Mint Chip
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Orange Swirl
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Pumpkin
DFS Ice Cream Tub – Strawberry

Monday Update

New Items:
DFS Watermelon Seeds (Dirt Field)

New Recipes:
DFS Plain Cake (Will be used in all cake recipes)
DFS Watermelon Slices
DFS Watermelon Bites
DFS Beer Keg

New Monday Release

##New Recipes!##
*DFS Apple Juice

*DFS independence Day Picnic

*DFS Canada Day Breakfast

*DFS Tar Southern Biscuit

Changes to recipe page on the website! will now display as follow
# Uses – # EP/use – # XP
Small bug fixes on cows, V2.4 for fields, all products have resizer and updater scripts in them!

Mondays New Release! Mortar and Pestal and Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree
Mortar n Pestal

Magic Cookies
1-DFS Butter
2-DFS Flour
3-DFS Egg
4-DFS Vanilla Bean
5-DFS Sugar
6-DFS Chocolate Icing
7-DFS Vanilla Icing
8-DFS Water Bucket
9-DFS Milk
50 EP-1 XP

Raw Ham
Butcher Table
1-DFS Pork Carcass
Time : 00:01:00
5 EP-1 XP

Roasted Ham
1-DFS Honey Jar
4-DFS Raw Ham
15 EP-1 XP

Pepperoni Pizza
1-DFS Pepperoni
4-DFS Cheese
6-DFS Tomato
9-DFS Bread
30 EP-2 XP