Communication Issues 2018-01

There has been some issues with communications between SL and the DFS main servers

If the HUD displays as below with the two arrows being RED it means that there was a issue with the SIM your currently on, you can retry communication by clicking the Stats button (Top right with 3 lines on the HUD) if the arrows turn Green you are good to go.

IMPORTANT! Do not harvest items when the communications are RED as this will cause it to fail.  Unfortunately, DFS will not be able to replace these items. Therefore, it is critical you review your HUD, and stop cooking or harvesting when you notice the RED arrows.


[2018-01-30 08:17] I have received feedback from Lilian Linden

“Thanks for your patience. This is something we are currently researching with our engineers and developers. It seems to be impacting many residents across the grid. I do apologize for any delays.”


DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree (Released on February 1, 2018)

February is a time of love and romance. February is also a time of little tokens of appreciation and love. For DFS, February means fun and exciting new items for our customers to make. Items you can cherish, give or sell to others! Enjoy a shower of love and appreciation from our DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree.

As you enjoy daily displays of showering hearts, the harvest will provide a cutie “click me” DFS Vday Surprise Box, which contains things to use for cooking and crafting fun new items, such as the DFS Vday Queens Planter and the DFS Vday Card Man 2018 (4)

On February 1, be sure to pick up your tree from the DFS Mainstore, and enjoy a month showered in love, fun and appreciation!


Here is a list of the few items harvest from your DFS Vday Give Me Your Heart Tree:

DFS Vday Queens Planter
DFS Vday Card Man 2018 (4)
DFS Vday Love Recipe Card
DFS Vday Box Of Straws
DFS Vday Box Of Cards
DFS Vday Basket Of Roses
DFS Vday Lost Shoe
DFS Vday Box Of Paper
DFS Vday Box Of Dirt
DFS Vday Box Of Balloons
DFS Vday Box Of Sprinkles
DFS Vday Box Of Dirt
DFS Vday Caged Cupid
DFS Vday Box Of Love Bugs
DFS Vday Box Of Cherries
DFS Vday Box Of Lip Stick
DFS Vday Box Of Ribbons
DFS Vday Box Of Glasses
DFS Vday Box Of Jasmine
DFS Vday Box Of Panties

Stay tune for more Vday items!

DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter

As we “snuggle in” for the winter, time to slaughter a few hogs, and make a hearty meal, that will fight away the winter chill!  A nice DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter is just what you need!

The platter as tasty slices of ham cooked to perfection, next to flavourful moist sausage stuffing, then add a mouth watering buttery baked potato. Let us not forget the sweet yummy roasted carrots, and a slice of orange to garish the plate.  Makes some today and have a feast!



DFS Half Cooked Roasted Hog

DFS Raw Sausage Stuffing

DFS Runefalls Roasted Hog Platter

Please remember to ALWAYS check recipes at .

Show us your..Kitchens! *Forum Only Competition*

Winners for the Kitchen Design Contest are:

Erinsmeow 1st – L$1500


LeannanMcCormick 2nd – L$600


Akemi Riverstone 3rd –   L$300


Congratulations to all the winners! There were many great entries! Special thanks to Moderators Watchmy Tracer and Morganna Tracers for hosting and sponsoring the contest! Awesome job!


Digital Farming System Forum ( ) is a fun way to get your ideas heard, vote on upcoming items, share information about Role-playing adventures, and post your Markets.   Join the form today! We want to hear from you. Please register for the forum today, then send staff a message to activate your account.

The Dish of the Month for January is Watchmy Tracer’s DFS Screaming Ubar Paga!

The Screaming Ubar Paga is an excellent blend of hearty wine and strawberries. Designed to hit the taste buds just right!  Try some today!


DFS Screaming Ubar Paga (Limited Time)

DFS Fermenter

Slot – Item

1 – DFS Wheat

2 – DFS Wheat

3 – DFS Yeast

4 – DFS Potato

5 – DFS Potato

6 – DFS Water Bucket

7 – DFS Strawberry

8 – DFS Strawberry

9 – DFS Wine Barrel 2018

Time : 216:00:00:

4 Uses – 40 EP/use – 1 XP

Ends: 2018-02-01