DFS – New Year Craftables

Craft your New Year party supplies now!
🎉 DFS Cake – New Years 2022
🎉 DFS Stuffie – Happy New Years Penguin 2022
🎉 DFS Cookies – Happy New Years Champagne 2022
🎉 DFS Cupcakes – Cannabis New Years 2022
🎉 DFS BBQ Cocktail Meatballs
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years 2022 Centerpiece
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Centerpiece 2022
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Hurricane
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Hurricane
🎉 DFS Cake – Countdown New Years 2022
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Candlestick Tall & Short 2022
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Light Table 2022
🎉 DFS Decor – New Years Dining Chair 2022

DFS Recipes: https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/

DFS – Christmas Items and Craftables – The Liaison Collaborative

DFS is participating in The Liaison Collaborative event, which runs from December 18th – January 10th, with multiple holiday DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Christmas Ornaments 2021. These Ornaments have an li of 1 each and come in 10 adorable designs. Also exclusive for the event are the DFS Cranberry Plant and Cranberry Plant decor. The Cranberry plant has an li of 4, comes with 20 uses and will require water and tending. The permissions for this plant are No Modify / No Copy / Transfer. The Cranberry plant decor has an li of 4 and has the permissions of Modify / Copy / No Transfer.

At the event there are also a number of craftables on display. The DFS Holiday Farmhouse Christmas Tree has an li of 8 and is available for crafting on the DFS Recipe Page. Also available for crafting are the DFS Chocolate Cranberry Bundt Cake with an li of 2, 4 uses and an EP of 20 per use, the DFS Xmas Decor – Happy New Year Snowman Planter with an li of 1, the DFS Xmas Decor – Santa’s Sleigh with an li of 1, 1 use and an EP of 5, and the DFS Xmas Gingerbread Cupcakes with an li of 1, 4 uses and an EP of 5 per use. Previously released and also displayed is the DFS Pretzel and Cheese Tray with an li of 1 and has 7 uses.  All items are 100% Mesh.

Visit The Liaison Collaborative for the event exclusive items and see the DFS Recipe page to begin crafting these adorable Holiday items for your collections.



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