Carpentry is here!

DFS Sawmill is ready to hit the main store, and all the DFS vendors need you! Our high power saw will breakdown those tough pine tree logs in a matter of minutes. This DFS Sawmill will function as all other DFS tools and equipment, relying on the DFS Hud to transfer the item to the equipment. The DFS sawmill will use the logs harvested from the DFS Pine Trees, and produce wooden planks, poles and posts. This is the start of our DFS Carpentry Adventures!

Please stay tune for recipes and other wood options!

We have more yummy Halloween Party goodies for you!


Let’s start with our hearty DFS HW Witchy Burger! Packed with choice “A” beef and homegrown Goblin eyes! We add a serving of Wicked Old Hag Witch Fingers to give it that extra thumbs up quality. We finish off the meal with two awesome new desserts! Yummy and fluffy DFS HW Meringues Ghost Cookies, which are filled with creamy sweet goodness. Our DFS HW Ghost Pops will have you in tears! Well, DFS HW Ghost Tears, that is! Each DFS HW Ghost Pops are filled with tasty pumpkins and 3 creamy icings.

Enjoy our delicious new additions to our Halloween line up! Fire up the Cauldron, and party Halloween style!


New Release Items:

DFS HW Ghost Pop Tray, 6 servings of DFS HW Ghost Pops, each serving; Eat energy 1

DFS HW Witchy Burger Stand, 4 servings of DFS HW Witchy Burgers, each serving: Eat energy 20

DFS HW Meringues Ghost Platter, 4 servings of DFS HW Meringues Ghost Cookies, each serving: Eat energy 20

DFS HW Witchs Magic Tea Box, 4 servings

DFS HW Pure Distilled Ghoulaid, 2 uses, Eat Energy: 5

DFS HW Ghost Tears Extract, 2 uses, Eat Energy: 5

DFS HW Wicked Old Hag Witch Fingers, 2 uses, Eat Energy: 5

Madpea’s Halloween Ghost Hunt on our DFS Community farms!

Let’s have some Halloween fun and collect fun prizes!


DFS has selected ten farms to feature for the hunt. Here are list of them in no specific order:

1) Deka’s Farm: Bright and colorful cheerful little kid friendly Farm. (M)

2) Jayden’s Public Family Farm: Designed for the family, who loves to spend time together playing and farming (M)

3) APOCALYPTIC FARM: Staged in a post apocalyptic world, where urban decay is swollowed up by the wild nature around it. (M)

4) FLEMING FARMS: Rolling hills with lovely view over looks the cutie little barn and will crafted kitchen

5) Hartfield Farm: Staged in the French “potager” or kitchen garden theme this picture perfect farm is relaxing and makes farming enjoyable,

6) YHS Community Farm: Done in a rural new england style, they farm is co-op of friends enjoying each others company and their love for DFS farming.

7) Barnabas Family DFS Farm: A large Farm structured to promote a soothing family farming environment featuring a well designed green and working house. (A)

8) Dreamshire Farm: A small farm nestled in an active role-playing community that is still growing and developing, featuring a ghost train available to all visitors. (M)

9) Narcissus Farm: A small family plot designed for daily role-playing, where farming is a natural of everyday life done with ease, and the enjoyment of all. (M)

10) Lunas Farm: A medium farm aimed at maintaining a natural harmony with it surroundings, and provide as soothing peaceful farming environment. (M)


Happy Hunting!

Looking for that special drink for your Big Halloween Party?!


Try our new creamy and delicious DFS HW Witches Brew, made from our special DFS Pickled Goblin Eyes recipe. Just the thing to take your party to the next level! Get out the cauldron and start making some today!

Monday’s Release:

  • DFS HW Pickled Goblin Eyes, provides 2 uses, and Eat Energy of 5 each serving
  • DFS HW Witches Brew, provides 4 DFS HW Witches Brew Glasses, which are 1 use each, and Drink Energy of 20 each serving

Please be sure to check exciting new recipes.

Special Thanks to Nightstorms Biker Bar for loaning us their bar.…/Tasmanian%20Kingdom/…/31

October is the time to greet the harvest and celebrate it’s bounty!



What better way to do this than with a Party! Whether it is a fun Oktoberfest or a scary Halloween Party, we have you covered!

Let’s makes some fun and cutie DFS Happy Helloween Cookies with the little ones! Try our new Halloween cakes: DFS HW Nightmare Cake and DFS Haunted House Cake.

For all those who celebrate Oktoberfest, let the mead flow! Kick off the party with 3 new meads to create and enjoy!


New recipes for this week’s release:

DFS Meadery Mead: Drink Energy 20 and 5 uses

DFS Meadery Runefalls Mead: Drink Energy 20 and 5 uses

DFS Meadery Spiced Apple Honey Mead: Drink Energy 20 and 5 uses

DFS HW Skele-Gro Elixir: Eat Energy 10 and 2 uses

DFS Happy Helloween Cookies: Eat Energy 10 and 4 uses

DFS HW Nightmare Cake: Eat Energy 30 and 4 uses

DFS HW Icing Nightshade: Eat Energy 10 and 2 uses

DFS Icing Orange: Eat Energy 10 and 2 uses

DFS Haunted House Cake: Eat Energy 20 and 4 uses

DFS Concentrated Slug Slime: Eat Energy 2 and 2 uses

DFS Slave Wine: Eat Energy 10 and 5 uses

DFS HW Sip Root Powder: Eat Energy 2 and 2 uses


Please be sure to check for exciting new recipes.

Come Join the Party! OCTOBER 14 – 15, 2017…/Bear%20Creek/…/172/2500

DFS 1st Birthday Festival

Plenty of DFS Food to fill up on!

Best Halloween Costume!

Best Display of Full Meal for Fair!      Meal Auctions!               Best Display of Booths!

Tons of games and fun activities!

• Live band & Live DJs Spinning Awesome Tunes all day
• Ships Ahoy Ride , Ferret Wheel
• Bump & Grind Bumper Cars , Bumper boats, Go Cart Racing
• Dunk Tank
• Bouncy House (2)
• And More

We are dunking Mr Ice for a worthy cause! He is begging for folk to try! (We are trying to dunk Ms Kitty too! shhhhhh, don’t tell her.)

Grab your DFS Cauldron from the DFS Main Store!



Boiling double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Time to make some DFS Pixie Brains or make some DFS Fairy Dust!

Grab your DFS Cauldron from the DFS Main Store! For those awesome Halloween pictures, add a cauldron stick (optional item). The cauldron stick is just for decorations.  You may use the Cauldron as any other kitchen item.  The DFS Cauldron will be used to make many of the items harvested from the Halloween fields.

Please be sure to check exciting new recipes.

Halloween animals!


Now, your whole Farm can get into the Halloween Fun! Nothing says Halloween like ghost chickens, mummy pigs, and zombie cow!

All of Halloween animals are available in the animal vendors and function as the regular animals. Please note your Halloween animals will breed other Halloween animals as well. Sells in DFS vendors limited to October 2017.




Have Fun!

Dish of the Month: Mellys Shepherds Pie


It is a good time to start a nice fire in the hearth, and sit down to a warm filling meal, in the Dish of the Month:  Mellys Shepherds Pie, which is filled with fresh vegetable and farm grown quality beef and topped with a layer of mouthwatering cheese!

[1] DFS Mellys Shepherds Pie (Limited Time)

DFS Oven Slot – Item

1 – DFS Ground Beef

2 – DFS Egg

3 – DFS Mashed Potatoes

7 – DFS Raw Onion

8 – DFS Carrot

9 – DFS Cheese

Time : 00:02:10:

1 Use – 41 EP/use – 1 XP

Ends: 2017-10-31

Please be sure to check for exciting new recipes.

DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween goodies!

The night is dark and the goblins are out, and the witches and black cats are prowling about!

DFS’s Oktoberfest and Halloween Goodies are out!

Come see what we have cooked up!

Let’s start off with Oktoberfest. We have a few awesome new dishes ready for you to try and enjoy with your flavored beers, such as:

  • DFS Melly’s Shepherds Pie (October specialty item)
  • DFS Pretzel with Dip Tray
  • DFS Jar of Pickled Eggs Tray
  • DFS Pork Schnitzel Tray
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Tray
  • DFS Vinegar
  • DFS Sauerkraut Tray
  • DFS Pot of Cheese Soup Tray
  • DFS Bowl of Pickled Eggs
  • DFS Bratwurst with Mustard Plate
  • DFS Pot of Chicken Stock Tray


Wait a minute! Don’t use up all that wax on Cheese Soup, yet! Halloween is right around the corner and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles that are specialty items only here for the month of October.

Halloween is right around the corner, and we have our first crafting items: DFS Halloween Candles. These are only available for the month of October.

Don’t forget our fun expressive DFS Halloween pumpkins that you will love dressing up. Of course, nothing says Halloween like a secret garden. So let’s get out the shovels and start digging in the graves. You never know what hidden secrets are there. But remember, all the Halloween treats are only available in October.


  • DFS HW Happy Feet Candles in Yellow, White, Teal, Purple, Green and Blue
  • DFS HW Bat Candle in “Surprised”, “Sad” ,“Crazy”, “Cat Eyes” and “Angry
  • DFS HW Black Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Orange Pumpkin Spider Candle
  • DFS HW Pumpkins in Moon, Mr Mean, Sweet, Spooky, Tooth
  • DFS Jack-O-Lantern seeds
  • DFS HW Field 2017

And other fun Halloween items such as: straw, sip root, nightshade, hemlock, fairy wings, eyeballs, box of old clothes, poison ivy, slug brain, wormwood, snail slime, toadstools, human bones, web silk, and willow bark.

Enjoy them all!

Please be sure to check for exciting new recipes.