Place the tree within 10 meters of a water source, such as a tower or water barrel.
The tree should be tended and watered to every 12 hours.
To work with the tree you need to be within 5 meters of it

Basic instruction for tree care are as follows:
Click the tree, select Prune. Hover over item with mouse pointer until you see the ‘Sit’ icon *Left-click to sit on it. You may need to toggle your AO if it doesn’t animate you. Click ‘Care’ to complete the action. Win : “Woopie!” happily and costs 5 Energy.

To Water the tree:
Click the tree, select Water
Select from the menu the water source you want to use

To harvest the tree:
Click the tree, select Harvest
Sit on the tree and wait for it to kick you off then a product will be sent to you

Optional tool: Mr. Clicky

Trees Item Harvest item # of Harvests
DFS Apple Tree – Espalier, Bushy, Apple, Street Tree DFS Apple Basket – 10 Uses Unlimited
DFS Avocado Tree – Avocado and Small

DFS Avocado Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Banana Tree – Banana and Tropical DFS Banana Basket – 7 Uses Unlimited
DFS Cherry Tree DFS Cherry Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Cinnamon Tree DFS Cinnamon Basket – 5 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Cocoa Tree – Cocoa and Tropical DFS Cocoa Bean – 5 Uses Unlimited
DFS Coconut Palm Tree DFS Coconut Basket – 4 Uses Unlimited Harvests
DFS Fig Tree DFS Fig Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Gumdrop Tree DFS Gumdrop Tree – 4 Uses 10 Harvests
DFS Jackfruit Tree DFS Jackfruit Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Lemon Tree – Lemon, Mini, Bookstand, Vines DFS Lemon Basket – 7 Uses Unlimited Harvests
DFS Lime Tree – Lime Tree, Bookstand DFS Lime Basket – 7 Uses Unlimited
DFS Maple Tree – Bookstand DFS Sap Bucket- 5 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Nut Tree DFS Nut Basket – 5 Uses Unlimited
DFS Olive Tree

DFS Olive Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Orange Tree – Orange, Tiny

DFS Orange Basket – 10 Uses Unlimited Harvests
DFS Papaya Tree DFS Papaya Basket – 4 Uses Unlimited
DFS Peach Tree – Peach, Book Stand DFS Peach Basket – 5 Uses Unlimited Harvests
DFS Pear Tree DFS Pear Basket – 4 Uses 20 Harvests
DFS Pine Tree DFS Pine Tree- 1 Use 10 Harvests
DFS Spice Tree DFS Sassafras Clippings  or Sap Buckets

When you harvest the DFS Spice Tree, you will receive a random harvest of either DFS Sap Bucket or DFS Sassafras Clippings.

20 Harvests
DFS Willow Tree DFS Willow Bark Clippings – Random Amount

You may harvest the willow tree every seven days to receive a DFS Willow Bark Clippings – small (20% likely), medium (30% likely), large (20% likely) or an empty (30% likely)  harvest.

20 Harvests