DFS Coffee Mug

Limited Edition Digital Farming system, brought to you with the wonderful coffee seeds in our system! Many of you can now enjoy your coffee in RL as well as in SL

Monday Updates!

We have added the following to the system!
Mustard Seeds, Ground Mustard, Cooked Mustard, Tomato Sauce

Also we have implemented the bot with some commands.
#recipe <recipe item>
#addme – Sends you a friend invite

May Cooking Contest Winner

Congratulations to alejandra427, she has won this months competition! Thank you all for participating

Competition information:
You need to gather 500xp from the 1st of the month to the 15th then the system randomly picks a winner from the ones that has 500xp within that time line.

Participants listed below:

Tahra Resident
alejandra427 Resident
JonnyHansom Roffo
Echo Daylight
Cuwignaka Castaignede
JadenNycole Resident
DeadLady Buccaneer
twilight47 Resident
FranaBrasilsa Resident
Gabrielle Redfield
Nevenca Resident
Tarrie Chiuh
Farmworker111 Resident
Trimmi Placebo
PamelaFey Resident
Karen2122 Resident
FarmersUnitedWPR Resident
goppo Resident
Emmie Spingflower
BergThor Xue

Recipe Steak Dinner change

The steak dinner recipe is changing to the following

DFS Steak Dinner
DFS Stove
5 – DFS Raw Steak
Time : 00:01:00
40 EP – 1 XP

The current recipe will only work until the end of this month

Random DFS Party

DFS How to Care/Game

Good day everyone!

We are so happy to announce that the new HUD is out and functioning properly!

Here is a short video on how to play the game on the HUD and Care for your animals and trees!

New Monday Release! Chicken Coop!

Chicken Coop – Makes Eggs!

DFS Chicken Food: 100
DFS Prep Table
1 – DFS Corn
2 – DFS Corn
4 – DFS Uncooked Rice
5 – DFS Uncooked Rice
Time : 00:10:00
5 EP – 1 XP

DFS Taras Cheesecake (Limited Time)
DFS Prep Table
1 – DFS Grape Jelly
2 – DFS Cream
3 – DFS Flour
4 – DFS Cheese
5 – DFS Vanilla Bean
Time : 00:03:00
50 EP – 5 XP
End Date: 2017-06-01

Mondays New Release! Mortar and Pestal and Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree
Mortar n Pestal

Magic Cookies
1-DFS Butter
2-DFS Flour
3-DFS Egg
4-DFS Vanilla Bean
5-DFS Sugar
6-DFS Chocolate Icing
7-DFS Vanilla Icing
8-DFS Water Bucket
9-DFS Milk
50 EP-1 XP

Raw Ham
Butcher Table
1-DFS Pork Carcass
Time : 00:01:00
5 EP-1 XP

Roasted Ham
1-DFS Honey Jar
4-DFS Raw Ham
15 EP-1 XP

Pepperoni Pizza
1-DFS Pepperoni
4-DFS Cheese
6-DFS Tomato
9-DFS Bread
30 EP-2 XP

New Monday Release

Another Monday and another wonderful release! Here we have 2 new recipes for you all to cook 🙂

DFS Pepperoni
DFS Butcher Table
1 – DFS Pork Carcass
2 – DFS Raw Beef
Time : 00:00:30
20 EP – 1 XP

DFS Milk and Cookies
DFS Stove
1 – DFS Butter
2 – DFS Cocoa
5 – DFS Raw Sugar
6 – DFS Flour
8 – DFS Milk
Time : 00:15:00
30 EP – 1 XP

Cooking Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Tahra Resident,

She was the winner of this months cooking contest!

We will get the recipe from her and will be running for next month! Thank you all for participating. Remember that you only need to cook up to 500xp for the month to be entered into the draw, then we will pick a winner at the end of the 15th day of the month.

We had the following users that was over 500XP!

Aldora Magic
alejandra427 Resident
Annakiya Andel
BergThor Xue
Echo Daylight
ElaneCortez Resident
Farmworker111 Resident
FranaBrasilsa Resident
JohnnyCBeaver Resident
JonnyHansom Roffo
NausicaasTale Resident
naytiri Resident
PamelaFey Resident
Raina Osterham
Tahra Resident
Tarrie Chiuh