May Cooking Contest Winner

Congratulations to alejandra427, she has won this months competition! Thank you all for participating

Competition information:
You need to gather 500xp from the 1st of the month to the 15th then the system randomly picks a winner from the ones that has 500xp within that time line.

Participants listed below:

Tahra Resident
alejandra427 Resident
JonnyHansom Roffo
Echo Daylight
Cuwignaka Castaignede
JadenNycole Resident
DeadLady Buccaneer
twilight47 Resident
FranaBrasilsa Resident
Gabrielle Redfield
Nevenca Resident
Tarrie Chiuh
Farmworker111 Resident
Trimmi Placebo
PamelaFey Resident
Karen2122 Resident
FarmersUnitedWPR Resident
goppo Resident
Emmie Spingflower
BergThor Xue