Cooking Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Tahra Resident,

She was the winner of this months cooking contest!

We will get the recipe from her and will be running for next month! Thank you all for participating. Remember that you only need to cook up to 500xp for the month to be entered into the draw, then we will pick a winner at the end of the 15th day of the month.

We had the following users that was over 500XP!

Aldora Magic
alejandra427 Resident
Annakiya Andel
BergThor Xue
Echo Daylight
ElaneCortez Resident
Farmworker111 Resident
FranaBrasilsa Resident
JohnnyCBeaver Resident
JonnyHansom Roffo
NausicaasTale Resident
naytiri Resident
PamelaFey Resident
Raina Osterham
Tahra Resident
Tarrie Chiuh


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