What do we love! Cute furry things we can breed! That’s right, DFS is participating in this years Breedable Expo, running from August 11th – August 16th, with brand new items. Exclusively for the event are the DFS Rabbit Buck – Woodland Bunny, the DFS Rabbit Doe – Woodland Bunny each with an LI of 2, The DFS Mr. Clicky – Woodland Grove Stump with an LI of2, the DFS Mushroom Plant – Woodland Fungi Fun with an LI of 3, The DFS Stuffy – Red fox with an LI of 2 and the DFS Trowel – Woodland Magic with an LI of 2. All items have the permissions of No Copy, No Modify, Transfer. Hurry to the Breedable Expo to get these adorable, forest items, at the Breedable Expo, as they won’t be there long!