DFS is participating in The SLB20 Event, which runs from June 22nd to July 11th, with some brand new summer fun releases. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Rooster – Summer Roosta and the DFS Hen – Summer Chicka, the Rooster has an LI of 1 and the Chicken has an LI of 3. Each animal produces 100% chance of special babies for the 1st 30 days, and have the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer. Also available for the event are the DFS Clicky – Summer Sun with an LI of 3, the DFS Avocado Tree – Avo-Cuddle, the DFS Prep Table – Summertime Fun with an LI of 2, the DFS Trowel – Beach Sumer with an LI of 2 and the DFS Stuffy – Aco-Cuddle with an LI of 2. These also have the permissions of Copy / Modify / No Transfer.

Visit The SLB20 Event today to get these items exclusive for the birthday event.