Waiting for items?

Are you waiting for items? Don’t panic! Just follow a few basic steps.

Here are a few simple tips to follow when waiting for items you cooked or harvested:

1. Using the status option, on the DFS HUD, look to see if the items are noted in your query (Items: 4). If they are noted there, your items are just waiting for the server to send and will be in your inventory shortly.

a. If the items are not in your status bar, more action is needed. Therefore, go to the next tip.

2. Make sure you have not accidentally blocked/muted ice12192 Dover,  and make sure your not in busy or unavailable mode.

3. Take a screenshot of the local chat, showing the transaction for the missing DFS item, then paste it to the notecard with whatever supporting text you wish to include.  Please note, this action is required for all missing items.

4. Teleport to the DFS Main store and DFS Community Sim, wait about 10 seconds for the items to deliver then also check your inventory for the missing items.
a. We suggest having auto accept on, so you do not accidentally decline items.

b. If the missing items are still not in your inventory, more action is needed. Therefore, go to the next tip.

5. At this point, you may need to relog.  However, before you do, be sure to complete all previous steps as logging out will most likely decline items and clear our local chat information.

!!! IMPORTANT Remember, logging should be the last resort. !!!

6. Upon returning, the items are still missing; please contact a DFS CSR.  They will need a notecard with the link to the screenshot and a list of what is missing.

Please note: If it is a viewer issue, such as system crashes, please contact the viewer creator to solve the issue.  DFS will not replace items due to personal pc crashes and/or viewer related issues.

Example Notecard:

Your username:

Date and Time you harvested/requested the items:

What sim were you on?

Do you have auto accept on?

Do you have ice12192 Dover muted/blocked?

Were you in busy/unavailable mode?

Did you decline a purchased item?
** We are not replacing harvests you decline

If you declined a purchased item, please provide a photo/screenshot of the decline message:

List of items your waiting for:

When did you clear inventory cache and relog?

What CSR are you contacting?
** Do not send to multiple staff members

Notecard/Screenshots of local text:

Items gone missing?

If you logged in and saw some items are missing, such as stoves, ovens etc.. then lets follow the following steps

  1. Clear cache and relog
  2. Check your Lost and Found folder to make sure it was not returned, remember it might not show DFS in the name if it was a bunch of items that got returned
  3. Check your Object and Trash folders aswell
  4. Teleport to another sim and back, this might help render objects that is not showing
  5. Teleport a friend to verify that the item is missing and its not a viewer issue
  6. Create a notecard that lists the items that are missing and when they were last seen/used
  7. If all the steps above has not recovered the items, then create a ticket with LL https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/
  8. Once they have replies, please add the details to the above notecard with the ticket number so that we can work with LL to try and find the reasoning why the items has gone missing.
  9. Please name the notecard as follow so it does not get lost “DFS Missing Items – [Your name] – [DATE]” — Please put in your sl username for [Your name] and the date in the format of Year-Month-Day. Example: “DFS Missing Items – Ice12192 Dover – 2019-09-25
  10. Give this notecard to a CSR
  11. Finally go to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227688 and leave a comment with your Sim name and details of the items lost with the date

Information Required:

  • Your username
  • The name (and description, if you have it) of at least one of the objects that went missing
  • the position of the object before it went missing (including X, Y, and Z coordinates)
  • The name of the region the objects went missing from
  • The first time you noticed the objects missing