DFS Philosophy

The overall philosophy of DFS is a farming roleplay experience.

This experience is undermined by the use of automatic Clickers or automatic Bots.

Therefore the use of such will not be allowed and drastic actions will be taken immediately upon discovery.

So please keep it fair and fun for everyone, thank you.

DFS Team

Monday Update

New Items:
DFS Watermelon Seeds (Dirt Field)

New Recipes:
DFS Plain Cake (Will be used in all cake recipes)
DFS Watermelon Slices
DFS Watermelon Bites
DFS Beer Keg

New Monday Release

We now have Hops! so beer will be coming soon!
First Recipe for Strawberries are out as well

DFS Strawberry Tartlets
DFS Oven
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Strawberry
2 – DFS Strawberry
5 – DFS Sugar
8 – DFS Pie Crust
Time : 00:10:00:
3 Uses – 15 EP/use – 1 XP

New Monday Release

##New Recipes!##
*DFS Apple Juice

*DFS independence Day Picnic

*DFS Canada Day Breakfast

*DFS Tar Southern Biscuit

Changes to recipe page on the website! will now display as follow
# Uses – # EP/use – # XP
Small bug fixes on cows, V2.4 for fields, all products have resizer and updater scripts in them!

Update Information

I have updated resizer scripts to most products, there is also an updater script added to the system that will check every 30 days if the product needs updating.

Fields has been updated to Version 2.4, this is NOT a mandatory update.

New Monday Release!

New Recipes !!!

DFS Loaded Mash Potato
DFS Loaded Potato Salad
DFS Macaroni Fruit Salad
DFS Hawaiian Pizza

Water Barrel Update V2.9

Good day all, it seems that some of you have been having issues with the water barrels, I think i might have found the issue.

A update for the water barrels has been released that should solve the issue, the old barrels will still work, they are having some intermittent issues. But think i have solved the issue.

New Monday Items 2017-06-05

We have the Fermenter Released so everyone can start with some wine! We will be adding alot more uses for it!

Also a new seed! Hot Pepper Seed! So we will be able to start making hot and spicy foods soon!

We also have the DFS Fathers Day Breakfast  till the end of the month! 🙂 have fun making those

Check the website for recipes.


DFS Yeast
DFS Stove
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Flour
2 – DFS Sugar
4 – DFS Water Bucket
5 – DFS Water Bucket
6 – DFS Water Bucket
Time : 00:01:00:
5 EP – 1 XP

DFS Wine Barrel 2017
DFS Fermenter
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Grape Juice
2 – DFS Grape Juice
3 – DFS Grape Juice
5 – DFS Yeast
7 – DFS Water Bucket
9 – DFS Water Bucket
Time : 168:00:00:
20 EP – 1 XP

DFS Fathers Day Breakfast (Limited Time)
DFS Stove
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Ground Coffee
2 – DFS Milk
3 – DFS Sugar
4 – DFS Egg
5 – DFS Egg
6 – DFS Raw Bacon
7 – DFS Raw Bacon
8 – DFS Raw Steak
Time : 00:05:30:
50 EP – 1 XP
Ends: 2017-07-01

DFS Alejandras Special Coffee Cake (Limited Time)
DFS Oven
Slot – Item
2 – DFS Vanilla Icing
4 – DFS Egg
6 – DFS Flour
7 – DFS Butter
8 – DFS Ground Coffee
Time : 00:30:00:
80 EP – 5 XP
Ends: 2017-07-01

Competition Recipe

DFS Alejandras Special Coffee Cake (Limited Time)
DFS Oven
Slot – Item
2 – DFS Vanilla Icing
4 – DFS Egg
6 – DFS Flour
7 – DFS Butter
8 – DFS Ground Coffee
Time : 00:30:00
80 EP – 5 XP
Ends: 2017-07-01

DFS Coffee Mug

Limited Edition Digital Farming system, brought to you with the wonderful coffee seeds in our system! Many of you can now enjoy your coffee in RL as well as in SL