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DFS Update and Changes

Crop produce baskets have been updated to the new look. Some amounts have been tweaked to reflect their differing growth times Carrots – from 8 to 10 per basket Potatoes – from 10 to 8 per basket Rice – from 9 to 8 per basket Vanilla – from 2 to 4 per basket Staying the […]

Monday Release

DFS Water Tower Holds 100 barrels of water Can be used to water Fields, Trees and Animal Troughs Has a 10 meter radius to provide and receive water It will collect water barrels around it automatically Cinnamon Tree Provides you with a basket of cinnamon Can be harvested 20 times Needs Water and Care Takes […]

DFS Cows Update 1.5

Added functionality to name cows Changed communication channels Displays when you can milk cows next Fixed some bugs Added capability to remove or display hover text Displays status messages above cow when it’s busy Added capability of naming the cows