Entries by Ice Dover

Current Delay in Functionality

This past week, it seems there are issues in the system.  However, the problems are actually within Second Life, not the DFS system.  We have concluded there is a delay in the data transfer between SL servers and the external servers. Problems found so far: We have noted there can be up to a 5-second […]

DFS HW Trick-or-Treat Kids 2019

The following ones have 3 random textures for the heads DFS HW 2019 Evil Ed DFS HW 2019 Nightmare Ned DFS HW 2019 Gloomy Gus DFS HW 2019 Shireking Shirly DFS HW 2019 Scabby Gabby DFS HW 2019 Rotting Rachael DFS HW 2019 Hideous Hannah The following ones have 13 random textures for the round […]

DFS HW Jack-O-Lantern Surprise Box 2019

DFS HW Jack-O-Lantern Surprise Box DFS HW Candle – Moon Cat Pumpkin DFS HW Candle – Mr Mean Pumpkin DFS HW Candle – SPOOKY Pumpkin DFS HW Candle – TOOTHY Pumpkin DFS HW Candle – “Surprised” Bat Candle DFS HW Candle – “Crazy” Bat Candle DFS HW Candle – “Sad” Bat Candle DFS HW Candle […]

Communication Issues 2018-01

There has been some issues with communications between SL and the DFS main servers If the HUD displays as below with the two arrows being RED it means that there was a issue with the SIM your currently on, you can retry communication by clicking the Stats button (Top right with 3 lines on the […]

Cooking Contest

Good day all, The winner of the cooking contest is Jonathan Scamper He was the lucky one from the draw out of 46 people who got 500 points and more 🙂 His recipe will be released on the first of next month Thank you all

DFS Philosophy

The overall philosophy of DFS is a farming roleplay experience. This experience is undermined by the use of automatic Clickers or automatic Bots. Therefore the use of such will not be allowed and drastic actions will be taken immediately upon discovery. So please keep it fair and fun for everyone, thank you. DFS Team