DFS is participating in The Liaison Collaborative event, which runs from Ocotber 18th – November 10th, with multiple newly released DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Male and Female Ducks – Pumpkin Guts, The DFS Clicky – Book of Magic, The DFS Clicky –  Witch Pot Witch, The DFS Salt Plant – Manny Chomper, The DFS Stuffy – Little Zombie Baby, and The DFS Trowel – Ghostly Aparaitions Helper. The Ducks have an LI of 2 each, The Book of Magic Clicky has an LI of 4, The Witch Pot Clicky has an LI of 3, the Salt Plant has an LI of 5, The Little Zombie Baby Stuffie has an LI of 2 and the Ghostly Aparitions Trowel has an LI of 2.  All Items have the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer.  Also available on the DFS Recipe Page  are multiple new and limited recipes for Halloween!

Visit The Liaison Collaborative for the event exclusives and get the new recipes at the DFS Recipes Page.

Taxi to the The Liaison Collaborative
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