DFS is participating in The Liaison Collaborative event, which runs from February 18th – March 10th, with multiple Woodland DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase The Woodland series Candle station which has an LI of 2. This item is used to create craftable candle items within the DFS system.  The permissions on this candle station are No Modify / No Copy / Transfer. Also on sale for the event is the Woodland Acorn House Mr. Clicky. This item is used to help you with farm work. This clicky has an LI of 5 and has the permissions of No Modify / No Copy / Transfer. Additionally at the event are a number of brand new craftable items that are available for preview.  The Woodland Candle is a new craftable item available and has an LI of 2. This Recipe for this Candle can be found on the DFS Recipe Page. Also, available as new craftables on preview at the event are the Woodland Chocolate Cake with an LI of 2 and the Woodland Watercolor Set – which feature the Woodland Owl, the Woodland Young Stag and the Woodland Squirrel. Each of these Woodland craftables have an LI of 1 with their recipes also available on the DFS Recipe Page.

Visit The Liaison Collaborative for the event exclusive items.