Current Delay in Functionality

This past week, it seems there are issues in the system.  However, the problems are actually within Second Life, not the DFS system.  We have concluded there is a delay in the data transfer between SL servers and the external servers.

Problems found so far:

We have noted there can be up to a 5-second delay between requesting the data from the external server from SL.

When loading the HUD and cooking, the HUD clears itself the moment it receives the cooking data to give to the stove (or other devices). The solution to this is to wait until the stove starts cooking before loading the next items into the HUD for cooking. Please wait for the stove (device) to show it started cooking before loading the HUD with new ingredients.

Due to the delay in data response, when receiving items from DFS servers, the speed of sending items as SL limits are 1 item per 2 seconds per prim server. This delay is slower then what you are used to in the DFS system.

We are still monitoring this process and testing of alternative solutions. For example, I have tested renting two separate servers from different hosting providers, and the delay persists.  I have checked the processing times of the external server requests and has completed processing under 1 sec per request.

I have created a ticket with LL to look into the reason for this delay.


Solution for now:

  1. Go a little slower, wait for the device (stove, oven, etc.) to start cooking, before moving to next device
  2. Don’t spam click (repeatedly clicking on a device)
  3. And most of all, please be patient. We are doing OUR BEST to resolve this issue as soon as possible!

Thank you for your Patience in this matter, and Continued Support!

                                               Ice Dover (ice12192.dover)