Avocado, the new power food!

Have you harvest your new DFS Avocado Tree? Now is the time to gather the Harvest.

For the January 13 release, DFS has a few new avocado recipes for you.


DFS Guacamole

DFS Avocado Hummus

DFS Avocado Hummus  and Crackers

DFS Chips and Guacamole and Fiesta Tray

DFS Avocado Toast with Egg Plate

DFS Avocado Egg Plate

DFS Avocado Toast Breakfast Tray

DFS Avocado Egg Breakfast Tray


Also, a few yummy new teas.

DFS Tea – Floral Bouquet

DFS Tea – Floral Bouquet Tea Set

DFS Tea – Apple Cinnamon

DFS Tea – Apple Cinnamon Tea Set

DFS Tea – Earl Grey

DFS Tea – Earl Grey Tea Set

DFS Tea – Lavender

DFS Tea – Lavender Tea Set

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