Open the pools, and fire up the grills!



Time for a DFS BBQ, with the new DFS Stove – BBQ Grill! Take your stove cooking to the backyard! This grill is just what your outdoor kitchen needs.  The grill functions just like the stove and can be used of any recipe using a DFS Stove.  Also, to help you with those big BBQ Parties, the New DFS Boosters – Stove! The Booster is loaded to your DFS HUD to speed up your stove cooking time.  Load it to your Hud by rezzing it out, then clicking it, shows at the bottom of stats. It provides you 50 uses.

The DFS Stove – BBQ Grill is available in the DFS Mainstore! The Booster is not available yet! Just in time for your weekend BBQ!