The Orchard is ready for a DFS Xmas!

The Orchard is ready for a DFS Xmas!

Santa is hiding in every corner, getting ready for the big day!

The Orchard is a family business that loves to help newcomers, and teaching them how to use DFS products. Its different theme stores are fun and gives a nice role play experiences.

Remember: If you have dressed your store, market or stall up for the holiday, please contact Fairy Catronis. We would love to see it!

We also have more DFS Xmas Tree Recipes for you!

• DFS Xmas Royal Christmas Tree, with its shiny purple glory is a perfect tree for all you purple lovers.

• Cat loves, we have the tree for you! The DFS Xmas Purrfect Christmas Tree is covered in adorable kittens, and red accents.
You have to try them all!