Have you tried it yet?! You still have time.


DFS Aldora Perogie is a meal fit for a king, or one of his royal knights! The DFS Aldora Perogie is a hearty meal sure to fill you up, and give you the energy needed to conquer the battle field. It is filled with cheesy goodness, spices, and yes! Our all-time favorite! Bacon! There is even a touch of beer in this tasty fair!

Start the fermenter, and give this hearty dish a try! Limited Time: Only available the Month of December 2017.

Remember: Check DFS recipes at https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/

[1] DFS Aldora Pierogi (Limited Time)
DFS Stove
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Basic Dough
2 – DFS Potato
3 – DFS Cheese
4 – DFS Raw Onion
5 – DFS Herb
6 – DFS Beer Keg 2017
7 – DFS Fried Bacon
8 – DFS Tomato
9 – DFS Honey Jar
Time : 00:05:00:
1 Use – 70 EP/use – 1 XP
Ends: 2018-01-05