Six New Rare DFS Lunch boxes!

At the front of DFS Main store, you can find the fun gacha Lunch box board.  These cute new pals can be used for display, trade or to pack your EP hungry meal.  Try your luck at getting a few or all of them.  Remember, they make awesome gifts for anyone!

Rare DFS Lunch Boxes

DFS Panda Box

DFS Kitty Box

DFS Donut Box

DFS Puppers Box

DFS Piggly Box

DFS Peachy Box



Today is the Grand Opening of the first DFS Learning Center at 3pm SLT!


The Center was created and designed by Amaya, one of our awesome supporters and faithful DFS Users. The Center is a state of the arts showcase of the DFS system, designed to be interactive and promote self-learning in a fun and creative way.  In addition, it will house many of the future DFS classes and demonstrations. Merging the center with our active DFS Support group, forum and website, provides customers with easy access to get started, and to make DFS a key part of their role-playing experience.

Visit the Center today, and be part of our new experience! At the information desk in the front of the main store, just take the teleport to the Learning Center.

Light refreshments provided!

New DFS Vday Dessert Plate and DFS Vday Wonderland Donut Tower!


Perfect of that Afternoon Tea Party, Birthdays or when you are just in the mood for a tasty sweet treat.  Don’t let the cuteness fool you. Each plate is filled with energy.  The DFS Vday Dessert Plate has an Eat Energy of 55.

Try some today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes: