Let’s Do Dinner Right: DFS Turporken Dinner

Remember, those great dinners at Grandma’s house! No matter when you arrived, she would have a table filled with fresh from the oven, yummy food waiting to greet her love ones! Let us help you share that awesome experience with your family.

We can start the meal off with a garden-fresh salad. DFS Garden Salad is filled with crispy sweet tasty veggies, and a hint of bacon to give it and extra kick! The crown jewel of the meal, DFS Runefalls Turporken! Delicious, farm fresh, chicken and ham, stuffed with spicy hearty sausage stuffing. The dish has been enhanced with sweet fresh oranges and juicy cranberries. Next, buttery sweet, DFS Corn On The Cob Platter, with just a touch of herbs to make them special. Of course, we add our creamy rich DFS Mac N Cheese to the Dinner.    For dessert, remind them you love them! Nothing says I love your like brownies! Yummy DFS Vday Eat Me Brownie Pops! Our pops are filled with rich creamy chocolate and sweet Vday cherries.

Guaranteed to be a meal your family will remember!  Try some today

Recipe coming soon!

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