Let’s Have Some Cake!

We know! We know!

You have your DFS Vday Wonderland Crackers, and your DFS Vday Wonderland Drink Me Platter! However, all that partying is going to make for some hungry guests! Well, top your party off with a sweet ending! Serve them DFS Vday Wonderland Cake, DFS Vday Wonderland Queens Cookies and DFS Vday Be Mine Goodie Tower.

DFS Vday Wonderland Cake


DFS Vday Wonderland Queens Cookies

DFS Vday Be Mine Goodie Tower

Try them today!

Remember to check the DFS Website Recipe Page for the recipes: https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipes/


Whats inside the cracker prizes?

Party Hat 1
Party Hat 2
Party Hat 3
Party Hat 4
Party Hat 5
Party Hat 6
Party Hat 7
Party Hat 8
Alice Mask
Queen Mask
Crazy Cat Mask
Rabbit Time Mask
Mousy Mask
Mad as a Hatter Mask
Blower 1
Blower 2
Blower 3
Blower 4
Blower 5
Blower 6