The Big Feast! Time to Dress the Turkey!



As you prepare for the big feast, we have some awesome new additions for you to consider! Our new juicy, tender, and golden brown DFS TG Turkey Platter, paired with our sweet tasty DFS TG Cranberry Sauce Platter, and buttery smooth DFS TG Mashed Potato Dish. Of course, it not a feast until you add mouthwatering DFS Dinner Rolls and yummy DFS TG Glazed Carrot Dish.

Once all the guest is gone, sneak into the kitchen for a private moment and lovely cup of tea to end the night!


Give these new additions a try! Scheduled to be released: November 16, 2017.

DFS TG Cranberry Sauce Platter (Eat Energy: 7, Uses: 4)
DFS Dinner Rolls (Eat Energy: 5, Uses: 4)
DFS TG Glazed Carrot Dish (Eat Energy: 6, Uses: 4)
DFS TG Mashed Potato Dish (Eat Energy: 6, Uses: 4)
DFS TG Turkey Platter (Eat Energy: 8, Uses: 4)
DFS TG Thanksgiving Dinner Plate (Eat Energy: 40, Uses: 1)
DFS HW Witches Magic Tea Set, which provides 4 DFS HW Witches Magic Tea Cup (Drink Energy: 10, Uses: 1)

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