Monday Updates!

We have added the following to the system!
Mustard Seeds, Ground Mustard, Cooked Mustard, Tomato Sauce

Also we have implemented the bot with some commands.
#recipe <recipe item>
#addme – Sends you a friend invite

Recipe Steak Dinner change

The steak dinner recipe is changing to the following

DFS Steak Dinner
DFS Stove
5 – DFS Raw Steak
Time : 00:01:00
40 EP – 1 XP

The current recipe will only work until the end of this month

DFS How to Care/Game

Good day everyone!

We are so happy to announce that the new HUD is out and functioning properly!

Here is a short video on how to play the game on the HUD and Care for your animals and trees!

Mondays New Release! Mortar and Pestal and Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree
Mortar n Pestal

Magic Cookies
1-DFS Butter
2-DFS Flour
3-DFS Egg
4-DFS Vanilla Bean
5-DFS Sugar
6-DFS Chocolate Icing
7-DFS Vanilla Icing
8-DFS Water Bucket
9-DFS Milk
50 EP-1 XP

Raw Ham
Butcher Table
1-DFS Pork Carcass
Time : 00:01:00
5 EP-1 XP

Roasted Ham
1-DFS Honey Jar
4-DFS Raw Ham
15 EP-1 XP

Pepperoni Pizza
1-DFS Pepperoni
4-DFS Cheese
6-DFS Tomato
9-DFS Bread
30 EP-2 XP

New Monday Release

Another Monday and another wonderful release! Here we have 2 new recipes for you all to cook 🙂

DFS Pepperoni
DFS Butcher Table
1 – DFS Pork Carcass
2 – DFS Raw Beef
Time : 00:00:30
20 EP – 1 XP

DFS Milk and Cookies
DFS Stove
1 – DFS Butter
2 – DFS Cocoa
5 – DFS Raw Sugar
6 – DFS Flour
8 – DFS Milk
Time : 00:15:00
30 EP – 1 XP

Monday Release! Chocolates!

Special Easter Recipes

Our DFS Easter Eggs are very very special! There are 24 to collect because when you rez them on the ground, they will be one of 24 designs!
You can have a very special hunt with them and enjoy your labors of love. These eggs will only be craftable until the end of the month. (4/30/2017), but the DFS Chocolate Bar will be with us always 🙂

DFS Chocolate Bar
DFS Stove
2 – DFS Milk
4 – DFS Raw Sugar
9 – DFS Cocoa
Time : 00:03:00
10 EP – 1 XP

DFS Easter Egg (Limited Time) 24 to collect!
DFS Prep Table
1 – DFS Chocolate Bar
5 – DFS Egg
7 – DFS Carrot
Time : 00:02:00
15 EP – 3 XP
End Date: 2017-05-01

DFS Update and Changes

Crop produce baskets have been updated to the new look.

Some amounts have been tweaked to reflect their differing growth times

Carrots – from 8 to 10 per basket
Potatoes – from 10 to 8 per basket
Rice – from 9 to 8 per basket
Vanilla – from 2 to 4 per basket

Staying the same

Tomatoes – 6 per basket
Wheat – 10 per basket
Onions – 6 per basket
Pumpkin – 6 per crop
Corn – 8 per basket
Hay – 1 Bale
Sugarcane – 2 per basket

Grapes has been changed to Grape Basket

Green Apples have been renamed to DFS Apple

Everything is in new baskets now

Monday Release

DFS Water Tower

  • Holds 100 barrels of water
  • Can be used to water Fields, Trees and Animal Troughs
  • Has a 10 meter radius to provide and receive water
  • It will collect water barrels around it automatically

Cinnamon Tree

  • Provides you with a basket of cinnamon
  • Can be harvested 20 times
  • Needs Water and Care
  • Takes 5 days to grow
  • Does not die in your inventory
  • Stops growing if care or water is empty

DFS Hud Update

DFS Cows Update 1.5

  • Added functionality to name cows
  • Changed communication channels
  • Displays when you can milk cows next
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added capability to remove or display hover text
  • Displays status messages above cow when it’s busy
  • Added capability of naming the cows