Monday Release! Chocolates!

Special Easter Recipes

Our DFS Easter Eggs are very very special! There are 24 to collect because when you rez them on the ground, they will be one of 24 designs!
You can have a very special hunt with them and enjoy your labors of love. These eggs will only be craftable until the end of the month. (4/30/2017), but the DFS Chocolate Bar will be with us always 🙂

DFS Chocolate Bar
DFS Stove
2 – DFS Milk
4 – DFS Raw Sugar
9 – DFS Cocoa
Time : 00:03:00
10 EP – 1 XP

DFS Easter Egg (Limited Time) 24 to collect!
DFS Prep Table
1 – DFS Chocolate Bar
5 – DFS Egg
7 – DFS Carrot
Time : 00:02:00
15 EP – 3 XP
End Date: 2017-05-01

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