Communication Issues 2018-01

There has been some issues with communications between SL and the DFS main servers

If the HUD displays as below with the two arrows being RED it means that there was a issue with the SIM your currently on, you can retry communication by clicking the Stats button (Top right with 3 lines on the HUD) if the arrows turn Green you are good to go.

IMPORTANT! Do not harvest items when the communications are RED as this will cause it to fail.  Unfortunately, DFS will not be able to replace these items. Therefore, it is critical you review your HUD, and stop cooking or harvesting when you notice the RED arrows.


[2018-01-30 08:17] I have received feedback from Lilian Linden

“Thanks for your patience. This is something we are currently researching with our engineers and developers. It seems to be impacting many residents across the grid. I do apologize for any delays.”