Madpea’s Halloween Ghost Hunt on our DFS Community farms!

Let’s have some Halloween fun and collect fun prizes!


DFS has selected ten farms to feature for the hunt. Here are list of them in no specific order:

1) Deka’s Farm: Bright and colorful cheerful little kid friendly Farm. (M)

2) Jayden’s Public Family Farm: Designed for the family, who loves to spend time together playing and farming (M)

3) APOCALYPTIC FARM: Staged in a post apocalyptic world, where urban decay is swollowed up by the wild nature around it. (M)

4) FLEMING FARMS: Rolling hills with lovely view over looks the cutie little barn and will crafted kitchen

5) Hartfield Farm: Staged in the French “potager” or kitchen garden theme this picture perfect farm is relaxing and makes farming enjoyable,

6) YHS Community Farm: Done in a rural new england style, they farm is co-op of friends enjoying each others company and their love for DFS farming.

7) Barnabas Family DFS Farm: A large Farm structured to promote a soothing family farming environment featuring a well designed green and working house. (A)

8) Dreamshire Farm: A small farm nestled in an active role-playing community that is still growing and developing, featuring a ghost train available to all visitors. (M)

9) Narcissus Farm: A small family plot designed for daily role-playing, where farming is a natural of everyday life done with ease, and the enjoyment of all. (M)

10) Lunas Farm: A medium farm aimed at maintaining a natural harmony with it surroundings, and provide as soothing peaceful farming environment. (M)


Happy Hunting!