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“May your clovers have leaves of four and may your Luck be evermore.” Of course, you don’t need four-leaf cloves to get lucky with the DFS Farm Stash Box #11! DFS Farm Stash Box #11 fill with unique DFS goodies to help you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a flare! Get yours today! secondlife:///app/group/67c88945-bb68-9f32-d660-7100f51d8a0d/about

*** Dish of the Month: February ***

  Introducing February’ Dish: DFS Coffee: Dee’s Triple Death Salted Caramel Ice’d Latte. Yummy! Make mine a double! Other new items: DFS PD Saucy Skillet Poached Eggs DFS PD Old Fashion Custard Pie DFS PD Marscopone Berry Cheesecake DFS PD Fried Fish Dinner Plate DFS PD Pan Fried Bass DFS PD Country Style Green Beans […]

Our DFS Farm Stashers love their new stash box items!

Look as they show you some of their favorites! Play DFS Farm Stash Box! For just 2,500L$, you will receive a surprise box of DFS goodies, worth+3,000L$, which will also include one DFS Farm Stash Box “Exclusive” item.  Remember, to join the group each month to get your Stash Box!  The group is open to […]

Are you planning a romantic night for your loved one?

Feed them DFS Vday Chocolate Covered Strawberries! Make it a whole romantic experience with DFS Vday treats.  Recipes: DFS Vday Chocolate Covered Strawberries DFS Vday Chocolate Love Cupcakes DFS Vday Chocolate Berry Cupcakes DFS Vday Strawberry and Red-velvet Macaroons DFS Fabric Bolt – All My Heart DFS Fabric Bolt – All My Heart DFS Vday […]

Have a few friends eager to get started with DFS?!

Introduce them to the all-NEW DFS Starter pack! In one fun box, with a little farm décor on each box, everything you need to start your DFS journey is packed inside.  The DFS Starter Pack is a great way to introduce a friend to DFS. Right in the First Room of the DFS Mainstore. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DFS/130/148/23. […]

*** Mandatory DFS Beehive exchanges ***      

Effective Immediately, we are exchanging all the DFS Beehive older than V1.2.  Therefore, to provide you with a speedy exchange process, please BOX your DFS Beehives, and LABEL it “DFS BEEHIVE EXCHANGE (#).  By January 25, 2019, please submit boxes for exchange to Fairy Forrest (blackfairy3ds) or Aria Love (aria.songlark). —————————————————– DFS Beehives The DFS […]

****  New Monthly Contest Winner’s Dish: January 15th ****

DFS Donnies Bacon Cheese Burger & Fries   Take a bite into our new juicy double bacon cheeseburger! The DFS Donnies Bacon Cheese Burger & Fries is a hearty meal for any hard working DFS Farmer featuring a stack of mouthwatering steak fries great for dipping. This Limited Time Dish will be around until February […]

Happy Monday! January 14th New Releases are Here!

  Here is a list of the new items and recipes for this Monday! Recipes: DFS PD Taco Soup DFS PD Cake – Drunken Cherry Chocolate DFS DS Pure Rum DFS Syrup – Molasses DFS Syrup – Pure Maple DFS PD Taco Soup & Grilled Cheese Items: Introducing our Special Valentine DFS VDAY – Mailbox […]

*** Notice of Current Testing ***

DFS Family, We are currently working on a few fun things to implement leveling. Currently if you have Level 1 in DFS (Can exchange your XP to Levels in store). For the fishing, anyone below level 1, you can catch normal fish and Bass at tournaments. You will need to at least be at least […]