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Avocado, the new power food!

Have you harvest your new DFS Avocado Tree? Now is the time to gather the Harvest. For the January 13 release, DFS has a few new avocado recipes for you.   DFS Guacamole DFS Avocado Hummus DFS Avocado Hummus  and Crackers DFS Chips and Guacamole and Fiesta Tray DFS Avocado Toast with Egg Plate DFS […]

DFS wishes you a Happy New Year, filled with Fun and Joy! 

  To help you start your New Year,  Here are a few special treats: DFS New Years Celebration Drink Tray 2020   DFS New Years 2020 Celebration Chair   DFS New Years 2020 Celebration Table   DFS New Years 2020 Cake And DFS Xmas Gummie, which will randomize between three options: Christmas Trees, Snow face, […]

*** New DFS Recipes for Dec 16 ***

  Run, Run, as fast as you can! Run, Run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me; I am the Gingerbread Man! Catch a few yummy DFS Gingerbread and other treats, just in time for the Holidays! DFS PD Gingerbread Dough DFS PD Gingerbread Men Cookie Tray     DFS Xmas Gingerbread Dreams […]

* New DFS Release* Wrap yourself in the warmth of Autumn!

New Recipes! DFS Fruit Bowl – Autumn   DFS Fish Stew   DFS Soap – Autumn Sugar   DFS Soap – Pumpkin Spice Soapicorn   To make our new soaps, a New DFS Device, the DFS Soap Station!   Check them out on the DFS Recipe Website today: https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/dfs-recipe-new/  and Item in the DFS Main […]

Join in Cheering the November Monthly Cooking Contest Winner!

Russy (ruslan.laryukov)! Congratulations, Russy! Let’s celebrate Russy’s win with a yummy treat, DFS LimeCherry’s Cherry-Misu from our October Cooking Contest Winner: Cherry (limecherry)!   We have a few other treats to help you wrap up the Fall!   DFS Syrup – Grenadine   DFS Chocolate Covered Cherries   DFS PD Turtle Cake   DFS LimeCherry’s […]

NEW DFS Recipes: Cherries! Cherries! Sweet and juicy!

  Fresh from our DFS cherry trees! Who is in the mood for cherries?  We have four new delicious treats for you to try and a smooth new liquor to make today! DFS Mini Fudge Cakes   DFS Lotta Chocca Cherry Bites   DFS Black Forest Cupcakes   DFS Cherry Tarts   DFS DS Blue […]