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September means, “Time to go back to school”!

September means, “Time to go back to school”! We need notebooks and pencils! Plenty of awesome show and tell items! Science and Math books! Here come the school assignments! Let’s not forget lunch time fun! We have yummy new DFS snacks! Of course, we can do better than an old brown bag! We are going […]

New Recipe

  Ready for a tasty treat? Try the delicious DFS Runesfalls Cheese cake. DFS Runefalls Cheese Cake DFS Prep Table Slot – Item 1 – DFS Grape Jelly 2 – DFS Cream 3 – DFS Flour 4 – DFS Cheese 5 – DFS Vanilla Bean 6 – DFS Ground Cinnamon Time : 00:03:00: 1 Use […]

Bad Cows!

Please note: If your cows are not getting pregnant, they may be part of the bad batch that was replaced on 08/26/2017.  Please refer to the notice circulate on the same date. It is recommended that you slaughter the defected cows and look in your inventory for the distributed replacements.  At that time, DFS replaced […]


Ready for a good hearty breakfast, try Jonathan Scamper’s DFS Scampers Hungry Man Breakfast, which is available for a Limited Time.  Jonathan is the winner of the August Cooking Contest.