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Christmas Shed

The Sleighs needs water and pruning, and if cared for properly, will provide a harvest every 24 hours.  The Sleighs function similarly to other DFS plants or trees.  You have the option of using the Care button on your DFS HUD or a Mr. Clicky on the Sleigh. Sleighs will produce 30 harvests.

Sleighs will produce the following items:

DFS Holly Seed – 1 time use seed that only comes from a sleigh
DFS Xmas Box of Baubles – x2 Uses
DFS Box of Coal – x2 Uses
DFS Box of Dreams – x2 Uses
DFS Box of Glass – x2 Uses
DFS Box of Humbugs – x2 Uses
DFS Box of Threads – x2 Uses
DFS Crafting Kit – x1 Use
DFS Falling Stars – x2 Uses
DFS Frozen Sip Root – x2 Uses
DFS Xmas Gift Wrap – x2 Uses
DFS Pile of Snow – x2 Uses
DFS Xmas Reindeer Droppings – x2 Uses
DFS Xmas Santas Beard – x2 Uses
DFS Xmas Shiny Red Nose – x2 Uses
DFS Xmas Sleigh Bells – x2 Uses
Xmas Tangled Lights – x2 Uses

Christmas Recipe Items That Do Not Come From Sleighs:

DFS Holly Baskets – x4 Uses (Come from fields planted with DFS Holly Seed)
DFS Xmas Fine Sifted Dust – x2 Uses (Crafted)
DFS Xmas Humbug Antixote – x2 Uses (Crafted)
DFS Xmas Magic Polish – x2 Uses (Crafted)
DFS Xmas Miracle Thread – x2 Uses (Crafted)
DFS Xmas Pure Essence of Good – x2 Uses (Crafted)

No Longer Received from Sleighs

DFS Golden Tickets