Valentine’s Day Items

Valentine’s Day Fields

Valentine’s Day 2024

DFS Valentine’s Field – Love Train Delivery 2024 / DFS Valentine’s Field – Love Air Delivery 2024

Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day Mailbox /  Valentine’s Day Mailbox – I Sent You My Heart

Valentine’s Day 2022

Bee Mine / Polkadot Mailbox

Valentine’s Day 2021

Falling Rose / Romance Tree Stump

Valentine’s Day 2020

Mushroom Tree

Valentine’s Day 2019

DFs Vday – Mailbox

Valentine’s Day 2018

Vday Give Me Your Heart

The Fields needs water and pruning, and if cared for properly, will provide a harvest every 24 hours.  The Fields function similarly to other DFS plants or trees.  You have the option of using the Care button on your DFS HUD or a Mr. Clicky on the Field. Fields will produce 30 harvests.

Fields released 2024 or later will produce the following items. These items will not be harvestable from Vday fields released 2023 or earlier. Recipes items harvested from Vday fields released 2024 or later will only be used on recipes released 2024 or later and these recipes may only be available for a limited amount of time during the holiday each year. Find the DFS Recipe page here:

1. DFS Vday Box Knit
2. DFS Vday Box of Angel Feathers
3. DFS Vday Box of Cherry Dough
4. DFS Vday Box of Fabric
5. DFS Vday Box Hearts
6. DFS Vday Box of Love
7. DFS Vday Box of Love Letters
8. DFS Vday Box of Love Puffs
9. DFS Vday Box of Petals
10. DFS Vday Box of Pink Glitter
11. DFS Box of Sequins
12. DFS Vday Box of Sparkles
13. DFS Vday Box of Strawberries
14. DFS Vday Cupid’s Arrows
15. DFS Vday Hearts of Gold
16. DFS Vday Kitten Whiskers
17. DFS Vday Pink Chocolate Base
18. DFS Vday Pinky Paint Bucket
19. DFS Vday Puppy Love
20. DFS Vday Red Velvet Fabric Roll

Fields released prior to 2024 will produce the following items. Vday fields released 2023 and earlier will only produce these items. Recipe items released in 2024 or later will not be harvestable from these fields. After a certain amount of time these items will be retired and will no longer work to make Vday recipes. Vday recipes released 2023 or earlier will also be retired. Time will be given to use these older ingredients but they will not be available in 2025. For more info see this blog post:

DFS Vday Box of Glasses
DFS Vday Lost Shoe
DFS Vday Box of Balloons
DFS Vday Box of Cards
DFS Vday Wonderland Mushrooms
DFS Vday Box of Dirt
DFS Vday Box of Lip Stick
DFS Vday Box of Sprinkles
DFS Vday Box of Straws
DFS Vday Love Recipe Card
DFS Vday Box of Ribbons
DFS Vday Box of Jasmine
DFS Vday Box of Paper
DFS Vday Box of Cherries
DFS Vday Box of Love Bugs
DFS Vday Box of Panties
DFS Vday Box Caged Cupid
DFS Vday Queens Rose Bag