DFS Stuffies Limited and Special Edition

DFS Stuffies

DFS Heart Day Elephant

DFS Stuffie – Little GOSH Witch

DFS Stuffy – Ukraine Bear

Patreon Stuffies

DFS Mr. Oopsie

DFS Mrs. Oopsie

DFS Animesh Pet – Easter Patreon

DFS Animesh – Thankful For You Bear

DFS Animesh – Feeling Froggy

DFS Animesh – Lucky Charm Bear

DFS Animesh – Springtime Bear

DFS Animesh – Fall Spice Bear


DFS Twisted Hunt Prize

Candy Cane Hunt 2022

DFS Stat – Holiday Snow Bulb

DFS Stash Box Stuffies

DFS FSB#38 Stuffy – Lil Octopie (Red)

DFS FSB#38 Stuffy – Lil Octopie (Teal)

DFS FSB#41 Plushie – Holdable Firefly

DFS FSB#51 Stat Pet – Independent Flutterfly

DFS FSB#54 Stat Pet – Witch’s Hat

DFS FSB#56 Stat Pet – Little Christmas Hat

DFS FSB#57 Stat Pet – Party Like It’s 2023

DFS Stuffy – Hoppy Easter Bunny (FSB#60)

DFS Stuffy – Mother’s Day Owl (FSB#61)

DFS Stuffy – My Hero (FSB#62)

DFS Grab Bag Stuffies

DFS GB#3 – Stuffie – Pumpkin Mooolatte (Special Edition)

DFS GB#4 – DFS Stuffie – HW Lucky Cat

DFS GB#5 – Mr. Gobblepot Stuffie

DFS GB#6 – Rudolph Stuffie

DFS GB#7 Stuffie – Year of the Rat

DFS GB#8 Stuffie Dragon

DFS GB#9 Paddy O’Sheep

DFS GB#10 Stuffie Hoppity

DFS GB#11 Stuffie Floppy

DFS GB#12 Rhino Dad

DFS GB#12 Rhino Kiddo

DFS GB#13 Freedom Eagle

DFS GB#14 Stuffie. Mr. Fox

DFS GB#15 Stuffie – Autumn The Pig

DFS GB#16 – Stuffie – Raven

DFS GB#17 – Stuffie Pumkin Puppy

DFS GB#18 – Frosty the Plushie Snowman

DFS GB#19 – Stuffie Love Giraffe

DFS GB#20 – Stuffie Cuddle Hoot Buzzy

DFS GB#21 – Stuffie Lucky o’ Paddy

DFS GB#22 – Stuffie Sunflower Pig

DFS Grab Bag Stuffies Cont.

DFS GB#23 – Plushie Ice Cream Whale

DFS GB#24 – Unicorn Plushie (B)

DFS GB#24 – Unicorn Plushie (G)

DFS GB#25 – Plushie – Chunky Pig

DFS GB#26 – Plushie – Holdable Ladybug

DFS GB#27 – Plushie – Holdable Bee

DFS GB#28 – Plushie – Holdable SlimeCream Ghost

DFS GB#33 Stuffy – Patty McClover

DFS GB#34 Stat Pet – Lil Rain Man

DFS GB#35 Stuffy – Be Kind

DFS GB#36 Stuffy – Mr. Lady Bug

DFS GB#37 Stuffy – Strawberry Piggy

DFS GB#39 Stat Pet – Harvest Owl

DFS GB#44 Stat Pet – Mardi Gras Mask

DFS GB#45 Stuffy – Daisy Springer

DFS GB#50 Stuffy – Cherry Friend

DFS GB#54 Stuffy – Christmas Marshie

Second Life Birthday Stuffies

DFS SLB16 Mr. Farmington Bear

DFS SLB17 Farmer Eddy

DFS SLB17 Farmer Eddy w/Chair

DFS SLB17 Sprite The Bear

DFS SLB17 Freddie The DFS Farmer SLB17 (Non Transfer)

DFS Toy – Mr. Tomato Head SLB19

DFS Stuffy – Avo-Cuddle (SLB20 2023)

DFS Holiday In Store Stuffies


DFS Stat Pet – Teddy The Turtle (4th of July 2021)


DFS Stuffy St Patrick’s Bunny (St. Patick’s Day 2022)

DFS Stuffy Carrot Top (Easter 2022)

DFS Stuffy – Independence Bear (July 2022)

DFS Stuffy – All My Sunflowers Piggy

DFS Stuffy – Timmy Turkeyton


DFS Stuffy – New Me Cow

DFS Stat Pet – Hearts of Love (VDay 2023)

DFS Stuffy – VDay Cupid’s Arrow (VDay 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Pot of Gold (SP Day 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Bunny Ears (Easter 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Ice Cream Snuggler (Easter 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Summertime Poppy (June 2023)

DFS Stuffy – July Star (July 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Spades Wonderland (August 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Cuddly Carrot (September 2023)

DFS Stat Pet – Trick or Treat (Halloween 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Trenton Turkeyton November 2023


DFS Stuffy – It’s A Axolotl (January 2024)

DFS Stuffy – I love You Balloon (February 2024)

2020 Christmas Advent Calender Stuffies

DFS Advent 2020 Stuffie – Santa’s Helper Bunny

DFS Advent 2020 Stuffie – Holly Bunny Plaid

2021 Advent Calender

DFS Stuffy – Frosty The Snowman (Advent 2021)

DFS Stuffy – Icicle The Penguin (Advent 2021)

DFS Stuffy – Passi Panda (Advent 2021)

DFS Stuffy – Randal the Reindeer (Advent 2021)

DFS Stuffy – Rody The Reindeer (Advent 2021)

2022 Advent Calendar

DFS Stuffy – Christmas Snow Bunny

DFS Stuffy – Light Me Up Rudolph

DFS Stuffy – Freezy the Snowman

DFS Stuffy – Stocking Stuffy

DFS Stuff – Norrie Narwhal

2023 Advent Calendar

DFS Stuffy – Santa Hugs (Advent 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Xmas Steampunk Bear (Advent 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Festive Fox (Advent 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Snowkiddo (Advent 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Ruddie (Advent 2023)

Event Stuffies

DFS 3rd Birthday

DFS Stuffie: Bacon Bits the Birthday Piggy

DFS Stuffie: Lamb Chops the Birthday Sheepy

BB4 DFS 4th Birthday 2020

BB4 Toy – Mini Rob 4th Birthday Robot

BB4 Toy – Robby The Robot

BB5 DFS 5th Birthday 2021

DFS Stuffy – Cuppy Cow (BB5)

DFS Stuffy – We All Love Ice Cream (BB5)

DFS Stat Pet – Fiercest Jammy Skeleton (BB5)

BB6 DFS 6th Birthday 2022

DFS Stuffy – Celebrate Good Times Goat

BB7 DFS 7th Birthday 2023

Breedable Expo 2023

DFS Stuffy – Red Foxy (Breedable Expo 2023)

Christmas Expo 2018

Wooly the DFS Santa Lamb

Christmas Expo 2020

DFS Stuffie – Jimmy the Gingerbread

DFS Stuffie – Ellie the Elf Calf

DFS Stuffie – Krissy the Christmas Calf

Christmas Expo 2021

DFS Stuffy – Holiday Hangaroo Bear (Xmas Expo 2021)

DFS Stat Pets – Santa Hat Green (Xmas Expo 2021)

DFS Stat Pets – Santa Hat Pink (Xmas Expo 2021)

DFS Stat Pets – Santa Hat Black (Xmas Expo 2021)

DFS Stat Pets – Santa Hat Red (Xmas Expo 2021)

Christmas Expo 2022

DFS Stuffy – Bumbling Buddy

DFS Stuffy – Reindeer Headband

Christmas Expo 2023

DFS Stuffy – Puddy (XMAS Expo 2023)

DFS Stat Pet – Christmas Santa Hat (XMAS Expo 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Santa Snugs (XMAS Expo 2023)

2023 Community Sim

DFS Stuffy – Squishy Xmas Tree (Comm Sim 2023)

2022 eBento June

DFS Stat Pet  – I am Hooked!

2022 eBento August

 2021 Fantasy Fair

DFS Stat Pet – Plum the Wisp

2022 Fantasy Fair

DFS Stat Pet – Sonny Sunflower

DFS Fantasy Piglet Fairy Dancer Plush

Fantasy Faire 2023

DFS Stuffy – Cat Fairy (Fantasy Faire 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Magic Book (FF2023)

Farmer’s Market August 2022

DFS Stat Pet – Sweet Sally

DFS Stat Pet – Scary Jack

Farmer’s Market March 2023

DFS Stuffy – Sun Balloons (FM March 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Fall Fawn (FM August 2023

Home and Farm Show 2021

DFS Stat Stuffie – Friendly Foal (Blank n White)

DFS Stat Stuffie – Henry Greyhorse (Gray)

DFS Stat Stuffie – Rainy Springs (Rainbow)

The Sales Room August 2022

DFS Stuffy – Avocato


Event Stuffies Cont.

2022 Home and Garden Expo

DFS Stuffie – Magic Shroom Owl

Ren Fair 2020

DFS Stuffie – Snazzy The Sheep

DFS Toy – Ava The Avacado

Ren Fair 2021

DFS Stuffy – Floaf Dragon (Ren Fair 2021) X 1

DFS Stuffy – Goat Love Plush Blue (Ren Fair 2021) X 1

DFS Stuffy – Goat Love Plush Pink (Ren Fair 2021) X 1

DFS Stuffy – Puffla Dragon (Ren Fair 2021) X 1

Ren Fair 2022

DFS Stuffy – Seaing Seahorses

DFS Stuffy – Silk Road Horsie

Ren Fair 2023

DFS Stuffy – Viking Victory (RF 2023)

RFL 2019

DFS RFL Stocking Stuffer 2019

RYR Event 2018

DFS Stuffie Clover the Cow

DFS Stuffie – Faith the Goat

RYR 2020

DFS RYR Elephant Stuffie – Rose

DFS Stuffie – Cassey The Calf (Sunflowers)

DFS Stuffie – Sweet Pea The Calf (Purple Sunsets)

RYR 2021

DFS Stuffy – Piglet (RYR 2021)

RYR 2022

DFS Stuffy – Street Bear

DFS Stuffy – Farmer Boy

RYR 2023

DFS Stuffy – RYR Teddy (RYR 2023)

SciFi Expo 2021

DFS Stat Pet – Roberto Robot (SciFi 2021)

DFS Stuffy – Elona Dusk Space Droid (SciFi 2021)

SciFi Expo 2022

DFS Stuffy – Alien Squish

SL Living Expo 2023

DFS Stuffy – Sunny Seed Sunflower

DFS Stuffy – Rainbow Hug (SL Living Expo 2023)

DFS Stat Pet – Spring Flower Friend

Spoonful of Sugar 2020

DFS Stuffie – Arabia the Arabian Horse

DFS Stuffie – Charlie the Little Camel

DFS Stuffie – Sugar the Unicorn

Spoonful of Sugar 2021

DFS Stuffy – Charles the Cactus – SOS

DFS Stuffy – Lolly the Mexican Clay Doll – SOS

Spoonful of Sugar 2022

DFS Stat Pet – Welcome to Tahiti

Spoonful of Sugar 2023

DFS Stuffy – Tropical Raffy (SoS 2023)

DFS – SOS Tahiti Pineapple Stuffy (SoS2023)

2022 Witchcraft and Wizardy

DFS Stuffy – Mandrake

TLC May 2022

TLC October 2022

DFS Stuffie – Little Zombie Baby (Halloween 2022)

Shop and Hop Winter 2022

DFS Stuffy – Olga the Snowman

DFS Stuffy – Rudolph Octo Stuffy (Winter Shop and Hop 2023)

DFS Stuffy – Holly Octo Stuffy (Winter Shop and Hop 2023)


Lllama Vs Easter Bunny Gacha

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Bunny #1

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Bunny #2

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Bunny #3

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Bunny #4

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Bunny #5

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Llama #1

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Llama #2

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Llama #3

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Llama #4

DFS Llama Vs Easter Gacha Llama #5

Homespun Christmas Gacha

DFS Homespun Christmas Bear Stuffie #10 Rare

Valentines 2021 Gacha

8. Photo Bear Rare

7. Valentines Plush Bear

9. ILY Bear

Celestial Stuffy Gacha

DFS Celestial Stuffies #01 Juliet the Sheep X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #02 Vesper the Donkey X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #03 Libra the Raccoon X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #04 Eden the Horse X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #05 Juno the Chick X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #06 Nova the Fox X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #07 Pandora the Pig X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #08 Perseus the Rooster X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #09 Aurora the Rabbit X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #10 Celeste the Llama X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #11 Danica the Cow X 1

DFS Celestial Stuffies #12 Ravi the Bull X 1

Gachas Continued

Woodland Creatures Collection

01 – DFS Woodland Creatures – Fuzzy Bear Stuffy

03 – DFS Woodland Creatures – BunBun Stuffy

05 – DFS Woodland Creatures – Foxy Stuffy

07 – DFS Woodland Creatures – Silly Squirrel Stuffy

09 – DFS Woodland Creatures – Rainy Raccoon Stuffy

Gone Fishing Collection

01 – DFS Gone Fishing – Goldie Stat Pet

02 – DFS Gone Fishing – Ariel Stat Pet

03 – DFS Gone Fishing – Puddles Stat Pet

04 – DFS Gone Fishing – Jaws Stat Pet

05 – DFS Gone Fishing – Finley Stat Pet

Spooky Stats Collection

01- Ghost Pumpkin Blue

02- Ghost Pumpkin Orange

03 – Ghost Pumpkin Purple

04 – Ghost Witch Blue

05 – Ghost Witch Orange

06 – Ghost Witch Purple

07 – Spider Pumpkin Blue

08 – Spider Pumpkin Orange

09 – Spider Pumpkin Purple

10 – Spider Witch Blue

11- Spider Witch Orange

12 – Spider Witch Purple


DFS Toy – Eggie P Stuffed (eBento August 2022)

Fruit Family Grab Collection with Special Item Sewing Kit

DFS GB Fruit Family – Apple

DFS GB Fruit Family – Watermelon

DFS GB Fruit Family – Cherry

DFS GB Fruit Family – Strawberry

DFS GB Fruit Family – Lemon

DFS GB Fruit Family – Orange

DFS GB Fruit Family – Banana

DFS GB Fruit Family – Kiwi

DFS GB Fruit Family – Pear

DFS GB Fruit Family – Peach

DFS GB Fruit Family – Pineapple

DFS GB Fruit Family – Blueberry

New Year’s 2022 Craftable

DFS Stuffie – Happy New Years Penguin 2022

VDay 2021 Craftable

DFS Vday Stuffy – White Rabbit

DFS Vday Stuffy – Chester Kitty Cat

VDay 2022 Craftable

DFS VDay Stuffy – Bunni Bunches of Love

DFS VDay Stuffy – Teddy Tender Love

VDay 2023 Craftable

DFS Vday Stuffy – Kitty Cat

DFS Vday Teddy My Heart is yours