Guide for the New Starter Pack

Farm Tools:

2 x DFS Dirt Field

2 x DFS Fertilizer V2

1 x DFS Water Well

1 x DFS Wooden Trough

Kitchen Appliances:

1 x DFS Stove – Small

1 x DFS Feed Mill

1 x DFS Butcher Table


1 x DFS Cow BW

1 x DFS Bull BW

2 x DFS Tomato Seeds

2 x DFS Hay Seeds

1 x DFS Apple Tree – Bushy

1 x DFS Hay Bale (100)

1 x DFS Tomato Basket


Ok, let’s get started!

There are a few ways you can get started, but we do suggest doing the following:

1.)  Be sure to grab the DFS HUD and DFS Animal brush from the main store and join the DFS: Digital Farm System Group Chat.  The Group is a great way to get in the moment support from other users, and from the DFS Certified Service Representatives (CSR).

2.)  Now that you have DFS HUD, it is time to create your farm, and place items.  Look around and find the best place for your cow, bull, bale of hay, and water trough.  a.) The water trough and bale of hay must be close to the cow and bull. The cow and bulls consume the hay and water automatically all day.  b.) Therefore, you must replenish the hay regularly.  The water trough is filled by water barrels, which are pulled from the well or a water tower (sold separately). You must make sure the water trough stays filled.

3.)  To care for the animal, which you must do daily, wearing the DFS HUD and animal brush, click the animal and from its menu select brush, then sit on the animal, use the Care menu on your DFS HUD. You’ll always want to match the center picture to a matching picture in the outer ring. You’ll need to do these 3 times to fully care for your animals. Once done you will pop off the animal.

4.)  Your cow will give you a new birth every 6 days, and milk 24 hours after the first birth, and everyday afterwards.  However, she must be place near the bull.  The bull will give you fertilizer every 24 hours.  To obtain both products, please click the animal and select from the listed options.  When slaughter, both animals will provide meat. It is best to slaughter on or after day 21 in the animals 30-days life-cycle.  To get the maximum about of meat, brush the animal and give protein, which is sold separately or can be made.

5.)  Now, set you water well in a location that is accessible from any point on the farm.  As mentioned, you will need water barrels from the well to refill the trough, but you will also need water barrels to water the trees, and your crops.  In addition, you will pull water buckets from the water well for DFS cooking.

6.)  Place the dirt fields in location accessible for daily tending and watering. From your starts kit, rezz the seeds (hay and tomato), and the 2 bags of fertilizer.  Make sure you are wearing your DFS HUD.  Check the HUD to make sure the happy face is still happy and green.  If it is red and sad, do not plant or tend animals.  From your kit, select which of the three seeds you wish to plant.  The hay seeds will take 1 day, 12 hours to harvest and provide one hay bale and a bag of seeds.  The tomato seeds will take 2 days, 12 hours to harvest and provide basket of 8 tomatoes and a bag of seeds.

7.)   Go to the water well.  At this point you are going to pull 6 barrels of water: 2 barrels to place by fields, 2 barrels to place by trough, 2 barrels to place by the trees.  To pull the water from the water well, click the well, select from the options (water buckets or water barrel), select barrel, then sit on the well.  For all the animations, please turn off your AO if wearing on. When done, you will pop off the water well.  The barrels are delivered to your inventory and should be visible in the recent inventory section. Place the barrels near the targeted items, as noted earlier: 2 barrels to place by fields, 2 barrels to place by trough, 2 barrels to place by the trees.

8.)   Once seeds are selected, you are ready to plant.  Click the field, and select from its menu options, you will see three options at this point, fertilize, security, and exit.  Select fertilize, then on the menu select fertilizer again.  You will notice the bag of fertilizer has disappeared into the system.  Now, select water, then select from the available water supply (barrel).  It is time to tend your crops, select tending, and sit on the field.  You will need to water and tend your crops every 23 hours for the best results.

9.)   Place the apple tree in a location accessible for daily care, which must occur every 23 hours or the trees will pause until the necessary care is provided.  Daily care for the trees is water and pruning. As stated earlier, place 2 barrels of water near the trees.  Click the trees and select water, select from the water source, then select prune.  Sit on the tree to prune, use the CARE menu on your DFS HUD. You’ll always want to match the center picture to a matching picture in the outer ring. You’ll need to do these 3 times to fully care for your tree. Once done you will pop off the tree.

You have completed the basic prep for your farming! Good job! Now, let’s set up our kitchen.

As you farm and tend to crop, trees and animals, you will burn energy, which must be replaced by consuming DFS food.  As you continue to farm, you will develop more energy.  Please review information posted on your DFS HUD and related features.

10.)  Place Kitchen appliances (stove, butcher table) in the desired locations.  You will use the stove to cook your meals and the butcher table to chop and prepare the meats from your cow and bull.  Once you harvest your tomatoes, it is good time to cook your meal! Remember, you can find already made food options in the DFS Official Market or other markets.

11.)   It is always recommended you check the DFS Website ( the DFSBot (secondlife:///app/agent/15c03168-600a-4a61-9974-0b03fe9d3d9c/about) before cooking to make sure you have the latest recipe. You can use the bot by simply making request in the group chat or messaging the bot directly, with simple commands such as #recipe soup or #uses tomato. The recipe will note which kitchen appliance to use and which number slot to use for each item in the recipe.  Take a moment and look at the recipe for tomato soup:

DFS Tomato Soup

DFS Stove

Slot – Item

2 – DFS Tomato

3 – DFS Tomato

8 – DFS Water Bucket

Time: 00:00:30:

1 Use – 25 EP/use – 1XP


12.)   You now know what appliance to use, which slots to use for each item, how long it will take to cook, and how many uses it will have.  In addition, you see how much EP = energy you will gain from consuming this item, and how much cooking XP= experience you will earn from making it.

13.)    So, let’s cook our tomato soup! Rezz out all the ingredients and place them on floor near the stove. Now, you need a water bucket, go to the well and do the same action as pulling the water barrel, but this time you are selecting a water bucket.  Looking at the DFS HUD, click craft, which will open the HUD, then click on slot 2, which will turn red, then click the basket of tomatoes, and select cook. It should now be in your HUD, and you will see a picture of a tomato in slot 2.  You will repeat this for slot 3.  To add the water bucket, click the slot, then the water bucket, select cook, and it is now added.  You have all the items added to your HUD in the right slots.

14.)    Now, time to cook the soup on the stove.  Click the stove, all the items are now transferred to the stove.  The stove will display a cooking timer, and when done will provide a message “click to receive”.  If you delay in receiving the items it will cook for too long and give you a “recipe failed” message, resulting in an DFS Oopsie, which are nasty, but you can eat them.

You have made your first DFS meal! You are all set! Have fun! Remember, the DFS chat group is a great source of support! Remember, you will do the same to produce DFS Hay Bale to feed your new cows.

DFS Hay Bale (100)

DFS Feed Mill

Slot – Item

8 – DFS Hay Pile

Time : 00:01:00

1 Use – 1 XP