DFS is participating in The SL19B Event, which runs from June 16th – July 10th, with highly detailed newly released DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Bull – Dad and Fishing and the DFS Cow – Dad and Fishing, both with an Li of 5, the DFS Bull – Grilling Papa and the DFS Cow – Grilling, also both with an LI of 5. Each animal produces 100% chance of special babies for the 1st 30 days, and have the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer. Also available for the event are the DFS Clicky – Wearable Birthday cake with an LI of 1, and the DFS Toy – Mr. Tomato Head with an LI of 1. These also have the permissions of Copy / Modify / No Transfer.

Visit The SL19B event today to get these items exclusive for the birthday event.