DFS is participating in The Liaison Collaborative event, which runs from May 18th – June 10th, with multiple newly released DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Lunchbox – Wine and Cheese Picnic, the DFS Mr. Clicky – Bicycle, The DFS Prep Table – Picnic Basket and The DFS Stuffie – Mr Chick on Holiday. The Lunchbox has an LI of 2, while the Mr. Clicky has an LI of 4, the Prep Table has an LI of 1, and the Stuffy has an LI of 2. All Items have the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer.  Also available on the DFS Recipe Page  are three new recipes. DFS Picnic Cookies, DFS Picnic Cupcakes, and the DFS Winery -Spring Valley Peach Wine. These recipes will be available after the beginning of the TLC round.

Visit The Liaison Collaborative for the event exclusive Lunchbox, Clicky, Prep Table and Stuffy to craft the new recipes!

Taxi to the The Liaison Collaborative
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