DFS is participating in The Liaison Collaborative event, which runs from March 18th – April 10th, with multiple newly released DFS Items. Exclusively at the event you can purchase the DFS Soap Station. This 100% mesh item is used to create craftable soap items within the DFS system. The soap station has an LI of 2 and has the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer. Also available on the DFS Recipe Page  are four brand new soap recipes. Bourbon Vanilla, Ocean Cedar, Cypress Citrus, and Teakwood are the new soaps that you can create with the DFS HUD and the Soap Crafting Station. Each of these mesh soaps have an LI of 1 and have the permissions of No Copy / No Modify / Transfer. Use these soaps for RP or as special items to sell in your DFS Store.

Visit The Liaison Collaborative for the event exclusive Soap Station to craft the new soap recipes!

Taxi to the The Liaison Collaborative
Taxi to the DFS Mainstore