The June DFS FARM STASH Box has been revealed!

The Stasher love it! Angel was happy and eager to share her excitement. “ღαηgєℓ Đαηαოαíтђღ: Absolutely worth it! The clickies and trowels alone covers the cost of the box and are always better and better! And the extra’s, OMG!!! Love!”

This month’s Farm Stash box contained several new and unique items. The items in the box for June were 4 DFS Trowel (FSB#2) (250 uses), the 2 new DFS Booster – Stoves (50 uses), 4 DFS XMAS Gift Boxes, 3 Special DFS Watering Cans (equal to 1000 Barrels), DFS Flowers – Roses (Forever plant), DFS Flowers – Lily Yellow (10 uses), and the rare “must have” Mr. Clicky Birdhouse. Jai loved the items and the value of the Farm Stash Box. “Jai ÇɐяρзиϮєг: I recommend the stash box to any DFS farmer as it holds great value and rare items. The stash box gets better and better. I enjoy getting the stash box every month.”

Be sure to join now to get the July DFS FARM Stash Box! It is guaranteed to be an awesome addition to the lineup. Lisa is looking forward to her next box. “Lisa ‘Meez’ Porter: Original, fun and handy all at the same time! Couldn’t do my farm without it. This box is my time saver, and I’m looking forward to the next month’s Stashbox already. Sign me up!”

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