Thanksgiving is around the corner! Wondering what to make?!

Well, how about DFS Roos Grasshopper Pie?!

It is an awesome combination of minty chocolate goodness! The pie is loaded with chocolate! Chocolate cookies! Chocolate Beer! Then mixed that with creamy delicious mint chip ice cream, you will have a dessert they will soon not forget!

November’s Recipe of the Month

DFS Roos Grasshopper Pie (Limited Time)

DFS Oven
Slot – Item
1 – DFS Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 – DFS Cocoa
3 – DFS Chocolate Chip Cookies
4 – DFS Butter
5 – DFS Ice Cream Tub – Mint Chip
6 – DFS Tankard Chocolate (Comes from DFS Brewery Chocolate Ale Keg)
7 – DFS Cream
8 – DFS Sugar
9 – DFS Chocolate Bar
Time: 00:10:00:
4 Uses – 20 EP/use – 1 XP
Ends: 2017-11-30

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