Beta Testing

Good day everybody!

We have some wonderful news, after months of hard work on the Digital Farm System, we are proud to announce that we have finally opened up beta testing on our products!

Currently we have the following pack available and we are accepting beta testers.

Please contact Ally Lexico on Secondlife to request access to the beta testing pack.

Below we will have a form so you can sign up to our newsletter and receive email updates as things proceed.

The pack includes the following:

  • DFS Animal Brush
  • DFS Apple Tree
  • DFS Bug Report Form
  • DFS Cookbook 1.0
  • DFS corn seed
  • DFS female cow
  • DFS Field
  • DFS Hay Bale
  • DFS Hay Seed
  • DFS how to fill out bug report and suggestions
  • DFS Hud 110
  • DFS Male Cow
  • DFS potato seed
  • 3 x DFS Steak Dinner
  • DFS Stove
  • DFS Water Trough
  • DFS Water Well
  • DFS Wheat seed
  • How to use our product
  • Welcome to Digetal Farm System
  • Fertilizer

Additional Items can be purchased from the store here

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